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Nashville Tour de Fat

20 Jun

Tour de Fat has become a summer tradition in Nashville. And hell, what’s not to like about bikes, beer and bemusement?

Presented by New Belgium Brewery, Tour de Fat takes place this Saturday in Centennial Park. It involves a parade, general weirdness and someone trading his or her car for a free bike. Hey, the bike might be worth more than the car, depending on the automobile.

There will also be live music! Here’s the schedule: 

10am: Parade Registration
11am: Danger Zone Parade Launch
12pm: Scot Nery Show
12:30pm: Honeymoon Caberet
1:15pm: Slow Ride
1:30pm: Rayland Baxter
2:15pm: Stunt Pepper Dance Contest
2:40pm: Yo-Yo People
3:30pm: Car for Bike Trade
4:00pm: Here Come the Mummies

>> RSVP on Facebook and learn more

Saturday for Free

1 Jun

We’re getting into the summer season, which means weekends in Nashville are about to get BUSY. Starting NOW. Check out these crazy free events this Saturday.

Tour de Fat in Centennial Park – 10am-3:30pm
Yet again, New Belgium Brewing is bringing Tour de Fat to Nashville. As you might have guessed by the name, it is about bicycles, and in a big way. One person will be getting a free bike. But they have to trade in their car and promise not to drive a car for a year. If your car sucks and you never have to leave your neighborhood or venture out into the burbs this might be a good idea.

There’s plenty of fun for those not looking for a bike trade too. At 10am there will be  a big ‘ol bike parade (registration is at 9am), there will be live music, a side show, more bike rides, and whatnot. You can read more about it here.

Green Wagon Summer Block Party – 12pm-10pm
For the second year now the Green Wagon in East Nashville is hosting a summer block party! The part goes from noon to 10pm and will feature live music from Blackfoot Gypsies, Oh Dang Lo Mein, Denny and the Jets, and more, as well as local beers, food, and general East Side fun.

Musicians Corner – 3pm-6pm
As Tour de Fat is finishing up Musicians Corner will just be starting! This week’s lineup is pretty sweet and will feature performances by Megan McCormick, Jill Andrews, Chuck Mead, and Jim Lauderdale. As usual, there will be fun kids stuff, food, a beer garden, and more.

Art Crawl in the Arcade – 6-10pm
It’s the first Saturday of the month, which means that art galleries downtown will be open late and serving free wine. It’s pretty awesome.

25 Cent Sidewalk Sale at The Great Escape – 8am-5pm
Thousands of 35 cent CDs, Comics, LPs, Toys, Movies, and more. And everything in the store is 25% off! It’s amazing. Amazing.


Tour de Fat – a Bike Parade of Nashville

7 Jul

Okay, can we stop using the phrase “Tour de” to denote an event that involves a bike ride? Tour de Fun, Tour de Nash, and now Tour de Fat? When will the madness end? Can I really write a whole paragraph using only questions??

But back to business – Tour de Fat is a group bike ride/parade set up and sponsored by Fat Tire (ah yes, NOW I get the name of the event), the beer company that gives their employees those big, pretty, red bicycles. Things get started at Centennial Park at 9am, which is when you can start getting registered. It’s free to participate, but please consider donating $5 or so for Walk/Bike Nashville. The ride starts at 10am and will take you on a nice little loop around Vanderbilt. It should be a pretty easy ride, so even if you’re a novice (like me) you can feel confident about participating.

The fun doesn’t end when the ride is over. You can stick around and drink some beer (proceeds from sales go to Sound Forest) and enjoy some  music and theatrics by Squirm Burpee CircusDovekinsDaredevil Chicken Club and Mucca Pazza. Also, if you agree to give up your car (papers and all), you might win a sweet Fat Tire Bike! Seems like a pretty terrifying trade/gamble, but more power to you if you decide to partake. Just please do the world a favor and don’t get so swept up in the energy of the afternoon that you trade in your car despite having a 30 minute by car commute to work every morning.

Oh, and wear a helmet, because I love you all.