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Scene Report: Brite Revolution

7 Nov

Music discovery platforms are a dime a dozen. Some of them are better than others – that goes without saying. The best ones all have something in common though. You see, they’re more selective in the music they feature on their sites, so the music they send you is actually good, because it was basically hand-picked for you.

Which leads me to Brite Revolution. Brite Revolution is a music discovery site/magazine based right out of our dear city. Their site, which is free to join, features free music from some of the artists you love (Avett Brothers) as well as some bands that will become your favorites (Humming House). You’ll join for one band and will stay for the bands you discover.

But Brite Revolution has even more than just songs from the artists, there’s also original content including videos, interviews, live performances and more. And since Brite is local a lot of the music they feature is local too!

It’s a really cool site that I wholly suggest checking out, and I’ve heard that they have plans to create even more content designed to get you even more involved and social in regards to music discovery.


Regions Free Day of Music

30 Sep

There’s is nothing we at Nashville for Free enjoy more than some good, free music. That’s why events like this one get us incredibly excited. Yep, it’s the Regions Free Day of Music at the Schermerhorn. There will be free music all day, from 10am-11pm. That’s 13 hours of great music.

And before your eyes glaze over because you think it’s going to be all classical music I should have you know that while there will be plenty of sweet classical music, there will also be gospel, latin, pop/rock, swing, and more. Heck, there are four stages, there’s going to be something good happening at at least one of them at any given moment, possibly four. Yes, I know picking between four stages and performers is difficult, but when you live in Nashville you have to learn to make decisions and sacrifices.

As I’ve already mentioned, the event is this Saturday from 10am-11pm at the Schermerhorn. You can find a full schedule here. I recommend Rumba and Vanderbilt University’s Sankofa African Percussion Ensemble. Don’t ask questions, just go.


Photo Set: National Folk Festival 2011

10 Sep

Oyama & Nitta performing at The National Folk Festival

Photos from the 73rd National Folk Festival (September 2-4, 2011) by Kate Cauthen, featuring Oyama & Nitta, Massive Monkees, The Holmes Brothers, The Marshall Ford Swing Band, and Samba Mapangala. More photos here.

Scene Report: fEASTival Nashville

23 May

This past Saturday brought the first fEASTival Nashville. As you may have guessed by the name, the festival was held in East Nash and promised all the best the neighborhood had to offer

There were food trucks galore and plenty of great music, that’s for sure. I mean, there was basically a food court and there were three different stages for music. For a festival in its first year fEASTival did a commendable job.

However, there were a few things that could be improved upon. Firstly, you have to purchase food tickets to get food from the vendors, and there was no standard entree price nor a menu up at the ticket counter that listed the vendors and their food prices. This typically meant that you’d either buy too many tickets and might waste money or you’d have to sheepishly return to the ticket counter to buy more. I understand that tickets serve their purpose for festivals, but I don’t like having to buy them blindly like that.

The biggest disappointment at fEASTival was the lack of artists. I was expecting more pretty and interesting works by local artisans to peruse while eating my Banging Taco. Maybe the threat of rain kept some people away, but next year I just hope that they get more booths of stuff to buy.

So basically there were two things I really hope fEASTival imrpoves upon next year. It’s obvious that a lot of work and went into it, and for a first year street fair it was pretty well-stocked with food and tunes. I take that back, the food and tunes rivaled any other fest in Nashville. Hope to see it come back and be even more rocking next year!


Record Store Day 2011

13 Apr

As you could probably guess, Record Store Day is one of our favorite holidays at N4F. The sales are huge, there is awesome live music to be had all over, and there’s a ton of free stuff.

Record Store Day started in 2008 with the purpose of, you guessed it, promoting local record stores. This year there will be over 275 special record releases from bands like Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Big Star, Deerhoof, Fleet Foxes, Sonic Youth, and literally hundreds of others. Yes, I’m using literally in a literal, not figurative fashion. And it really does do its job of promoting record stores. Grimey’s has said that the annual holiday has given them some of their best sale days ever. Rock on, Record Store Day, rock on.

And, of course, the record stores use it as an awesome excuse to party like you wouldn’t believe. Grimey’s has gotten acts like Charlie Louvin and the Avett Brothers to play at past Record Store Days and last year Emmylou Harris played two songs in the Groove’s parking lot. But enough reminiscing, let’s talk about what’s going down this year.


Diamond Eye Music Showcase at the Basement

13 Jan

Diamond Eye. Get it?No, Diamond Eye Music does not have any sort of connection to the song “Diamond Eyes.” It’s a relatively young publishing company that’s having a little showcase at 6pm tonight at The Basement.

Of course, the first question you want to know the answer to when talking about a publishing company is “what are some of their songs. Well, here are a few:

  • Big and Rich’s “Kick My Ass”
  • Tracy Byrd’s “Cheapest Motel”
  • Andy Griggs’ “Tattoo Rose.”

Chris Hennessee, Jaron Boyer, and Adam Ryan will all be performing tonight. Might be a good chance to hear some songs you like performed by the people who actually wrote them, which is always cool.


Hymn for Her at the Basement

10 Jan

In my mind there is nothing better than finding a great band for the first time. It’s the reason my mouth waters at the sight of a Bloodshot Records sampler and it’s why I get excited when I hear something I’ve never heard before on the radio. Most people don’t like going out to shows featuring bands they’ve never heard of, and I think that’s a damn shame

Well, I’ve just had one of those moments of wonderous joy. While I was perusing The Basement’s event calendar I noticed a free show with a band called Hymn for Her. I’d never heard of them before, but I was interested just from reading their bio, a rare event for me.

Here are some of the details for their bio that struck my eye: Hymn for Her is a duo consisting of Lucy Tight & Wayne Waxing (if Wayne Waxing is his real name then WOW). They recorded their most recent album in campgrounds, garages, trailers, and driveways while touring across the country. Lucy plays a three-stringed broom handle/cigar box among other things while Wayne rocks a drum kit with only a bass drum and a high-hat while playing a banjo or whatever he can hold.

When I stopped reading the bio I thought to myself “there’s no way this can’t be awesome,” and let me tell you something, my instincts were right.

Their sound is pretty much what you’d expect with that arsenal of instruments. It sounds like some dirty, rocking, punky, bad-ass, garage country/bluegrass. Basically, it sounds like a band that would fit perfectly onto one of those Bloodshot Records samplers I’m so crazy about. If you like your country music best when it hasn’t been anywhere near a major label (or Music Row for that matter) then you will not want to miss this show. Best part about it? It’s free.

Hymn for Her will be playing at the Basement at 9pm this Tuesday, January 11th. The show will also feature Lauren Adelle, Quiet Entertainer, Red River, and possibly more.

Oh yeah, and if you show up at 7pm you can catch Screeching Eels, a band made up of Bryn Davies and Gibb Droll. Think bluesy Americana.


John Francis In-Store at Grimey’s

23 Nov

Today at Grimey’s at 6pm you can see this guy:

He’s apparently a great songwriter and composer who’s gotten compared to Jeff Buckley. Sounds like a winner.


John Francis In-Store at Grimey's

23 Nov

Today at Grimey’s at 6pm you can see this guy:

He’s apparently a great songwriter and composer who’s gotten compared to Jeff Buckley. Sounds like a winner.


Bobby Bare Jr. and Family at Grimey’s

18 Nov

A few months ago Nashville’s favorite father/son duo, Bobby Bare Jr. and Bobby Bare Sr. produced Twistable Turnable Man: a musical tribute to the songs of Shel Silverstein.

The Bobby Bares were close friends with Shel Silverstein, who died on May 10th, 1999. While most of you probably know him for his excellent children’s poetry you might not have known that he was a successful and incredibly talented songwriter. If nothing else you probably have heard his songs “Boy Named Sue” and “Cover of the Rolling Stone.”

Twistable Turnable Man is, as you might judge from the rest of the title, is a tribute to Silverstein’s songs, performed not just by Bobby Bare, but by My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Dr. Dog, Lucinda Williams, John Prine, and others.

This Saturday, November 20th at 4pm, Grimey’s is hosting Bobby Bare Jr. and family (I think that “family” is his father and daughter) for a celebration of the album and of Shel’s songs. It’s a kid-friendly event, so there will be juice for the kids and adult beverages for those of age. If you’re of age and would prefer the juice then I’m sure that would be okay as well. Hey, if there are two things you’re never too old for its juice and Shel Silverstein. It’s sure to be a great event, so don’t miss it!