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Photo Set: 8 Off 8th

20 Feb

Photos from 8 Off 8th at Mercy Lounge (February 13th, 2012) by Kate Cauthen, featuring Night Beds, Sol Cat, Henry Wagons, Buffalo Clover, The Electric Crushes, Delta Saints, The Greater Good, and Little Bandits.

Missed last week’s performances? Check out 8 Off 8th tonight to see Andrea Davidson, Skyler, Ashley Lee, Ryan Kinder, Holly Winter, The Co, Schools, and Tesla Rossa.

View the gallery after the jump!


Contest: Anti-Valentine’s Day Black + White Party EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

13 Feb

Traditional Valentine’s Day romantic-ness isn’t for everyone. I have to be honest, it isn’t really for me. That’s why I was excited to hear about the Anti-Valentine’s Day Black + White Party EXTRAVAGANZA at the Mercy Lounge on Valentine’s Day. Well, that and because I play guitar for the Dance Rock Sellouts, but that’s beside the point. Even without me and my band I’d be super pumped for this event.

There will be fantastic music from Bobby Exodus and friends, Telecommunicators, and, as previously mentioned, The Dance Rock Sellouts. There will be a photobooth. There will be people dressed in black & white. There will also be prizes, live karaoke, and cookies (from me).

Here’s the thing, the show isn’t free. It’s $8, but since I have connections (duh) I’ve managed to snag TWO pairs of tickets to give away for the show tonight. I’ll randomly pick a winner sometime on Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know in advance.

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post. You don’t even have to say something interesting. Bonus points if you tell me the story of the worst date you’ve ever been on!



Rock n Roll Trivia at the Mercy Lounge

9 Jan

I don’t really know what happened to Rock’n’Roll Trivia. It used to be a weekly occurrence, then not exactly weekly, and now it only seems to come out for special occasions. I understand; keeping a trivia game going is a TON of work, but it gave music geeks a place to show off their incredible knowledge of musical minutia. So if you’ve had a hole in your heart shaped like a trivia score sheet then you’re in luck, because Rock’n’Roll Trivia is coming back for a whole month!

It’s been moved to Tuesdays and will now be held at the back bar, but it’s still the same nerd-fest you remember. Some questions are insanely difficult, but nothing worth winning is easy. And yes, you do win stuff at Rock’n’Roll Trivia. First place gets $50 bar tab, second place gets $25, and third place gets $10. There are usually other prizes as well, including something for best wrong answer.

As always, trivia itself is free, parking is free, and there will be drink specials. So gather up your music nerd friends (and a few people who listen to Top 40 because they WILL help you at one point), follow Rock’n’Roll Trivia on Twitter, and head on over to the Mercy Lounge at 6:30 every Tuesday this month.


8 off 8th Jingle Ball at Mercy Lounge

5 Dec

The only way to make an 8 off 8th even better is to give it a theme. We even threw a themed 8 off 8th once (it was Prom, and it was awesome). Now, since the holidays are rapidly approaching it only makes sense for someone to step forward and give us the holiday-themed 8 off 8th that we know in our heart of hearts that we deserve!

And boy, has it been delivered. Tonight’s event will surely (probably? maybe?) feature some holiday music from Devious Angels, Yellowfire, Uncle Skeleton, Chancellor Warhol, Colorfeels, the Kicks, Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces, Toy, and The Go.

As usual, the event is 21+ and starts at 8pm. And don’t get too grumpy that it’s still early December, Nashville has to get a lot of these holiday events out of the way because the college kids are leaving soon, and it seems like Nashville’s population decreases significantly (along with the number of awesome events) when school isn’t in session. So break out the Santa hat and elf costume already. I know I have.


8 off 8th’s REM Tribute Edition

17 Oct

September 21st 2011 was a sad day for fans of rock’n’roll. It may forever be known as the day REM broke up. People wept. People tore at their hair and banged on their chest in sorry. A lot of people were indifferent or just thought “bummer dude,” or “I thought they broke up a long time ago,” but some people were really upset!

Regardless of your reaction to the news you have to admit that REM put out some pretty solid music during their time together and they influenced a lot of musicians.

And that is why a few brilliant thinkers decided to throw a big old REM tribute show during the Mercy Lounge’s weekly free 8 off 8th. The Stateside Menace, Emily DeLoach, Ugli Stick, It Crawled From the South, Mayhem, Tom Schreck, Kyle Christopher, and Black River Falls will all be showing their appreciation for REM the only way musicians know how: by playing their songs.

As usual, thing will get started at 9pm and the event is 21+. Enjoy!


Blame Canada! A Tribute to the Music of the Great White North

10 Oct

You can’t look me straight in the eyes and tell me that there’s no great music from Canada. You’d simply be wrong, and you’d know it. Be you a fan of Rush, Neil Young, or Alanis everyone has a musical favorite that hails from our neighbor to the north. It may be a guilty pleasure, but if you know all the words it’s not an ironic love anymore, it’s genuine. I could insert a bunch of Canadian jokes here, but I won’t. Yet.

I’m not busting out the bad jokes because you’re going to hear enough of it tonight. Tonight is the Mercy Lounge’s annual Canadian-themed 8 off 8th entitled: Blame Canada! A Tribute to the Music of the Great White North. You’re gonna hear Rush. You’re gonna hear Loverboy. You’re going to hear all kinds of awesome and awesomely terrible (but you know you still kind of like it) Canadian pop music. Hats with ear flaps are preferred, but really inappropriate for this weather.

But why does the Mercy Lounge do this every year? Are they celebrating a holiday that only exists in Canada? Are they secretly Canadians (get it)? I have no idea, but who knows, you might be singing “O Canada” and planning your next ice-fishing expedition by the time the evening is over.


Chancellor Warhol CD Release Show

13 Sep

You might remember Chancellor Warhol from when he played at Bonnaroo, a spot he earned by being a runaway hit at one of the Road To Bonnaroo 8 off 8ths hosted by the Mercy Lounge this summer. Personally, I had never heard of him before that, but he definitely caught my attention.

He’s undoubtedly one of the most talented rappers in Nashville, and tonight at the Mercy Lounge he’ll be celebrating the release of his new record, The Factory. The show starts at 9pm and is free to those 21 and older. But wait, don’t fret 18-20 year-olds, you can still get in, you just have to pay a mere $3. Not a bad price for some grade-A hip-hop. The Honeymoon Thrillers will also be playing, if you needed another reason to come out tonight.

Don’t forget to catch Chancellor Warhol at Soundland next week!


Matthew Ryan at the Mercy Lounge

9 Sep

Have you heard of the Miller Made Music Showcases? There have been a few over the years, and they usually have pretty solid lineups, but none of them have gotten me as pumped as this one.

Tonight’s Miller Made Music Showcase is serving as the CD release party for Matthew Ryan’s newest record, I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall. First of all, that’s bad-ass title. It’s possibly one of the more awesome album titles I’ve heard recently. Second of all, Matthew Ryan is a remarkably talented songwriter and performer, and I’m a better human being for having heard his stuff.

Equally awesome are the supporting acts for the show: Brian Ritchey, Hannah Miller, and By Lightning. Brian Ritchey is the only of those performers that I’m really familiar with, and that’s because he, Matthew Ryan, and David Mead used to do a writer’s round once a month at the Rutledge. It was awesome. I wish it still existed. Anyway, I walked into one of those shows never having heard of Brian Ritchey and I walked out a fan. What can I say, talented people hang out together. I haven’t really heard much from Hannah Miller and By Lightning, but if they hang with Matt and Brian then they have to be pretty good. Also, Hannah Miller has a pretty rad pilot hat in one of her pictures on her site, so she’s immediately awesome.

The show tonight is at the Mercy Lounge. It’s 21+ and starts at 9pm. I’ll see y’all there. Bring extra socks.


Toyota Antics Block Party

22 Jul

Live on the Greem is great and all, but this year I think it lacks any really great indie bands. So where are you going to get your free dose of awesome indie rock? The Toyota Antics Block Party.

Car companies have been increasingly trying to convince hipsters to buy their cars by luring them in with indie rock. Ford was at Bonnaroo and now Toyota is going to hang out outside of the Mercy Lounge with Filter magazine with some really awesome acts: Surfer Blood, Delta Spirit, The Rosebuds and Turbo Fruits, with more to be announced.

The whole deal is August 20th, starts at 6pm and goes until midnight. It’ll be a true block party complete with a full bar and some of Nashville’s many many food trucks. You can RSVP for the event here.

Note: despite the poster, the Greenhornes have dropped out and have been replaced by the Rosebuds. 

isoBuds presents: a TON of Awesome Bands

13 Apr

Mercy Lounge is definitely one of my favorite venues in Nashville: it’s just the right size, it always has a great light show and I just love rocking out on the second story of a building. But it’s also one of our favorite venues for free events (um, 8 off 8th?), and tonight puts it on full force. IsoBuds, an up-and-coming earbud/rubber manufacturer, is throwing a show tonight featuring a long list of some great up-and-coming Nashville acts!

Headlined by the Black Lillies, support comes from The Weight of Glory, John Ball, ColorFire, Joseph LeMay, Jaci Wisot & The Spectacles, Tyler Warren and Chase Foster. Seriously, I’ve seen most of these guys perform before and they are ALL worth checking out; this bill is ready to give Record Store Day a run for its money. Stop by on your way back from work just to catch a drink and some free entertainment. Speaking of which, Mercy Lounge is hosting a happy hour right when doors open at 5 and lasting until 7pm. While I have no idea what that means, any excuse is a good excuse to have a drink or two. Get you some!

So, to recap: the concert is tonight from 5pm until close at the Mercy Lounge, with happy hour running from 5 to 7pm.