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Rachael Yamagata In-Store at Grimey’s

8 Dec

I first saw Rachael Yamagata when she opened for Ryan Adams something like 6 years ago and I really enjoyed it. Her songs were solid and she knew how to put on a good show. Sadly, I haven’t been able to catch her live since then, but it seems that the tides have changed because tonight she’s playing a free in-store at Grimey’s at 6pm.

Rachael has some really great music and has collaborated with Jason Mraz, Rhett Miller, Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne, and more. She’s even been featured on a few movie soundtracks including Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. That’s a pretty good group of friends and supporters. She has a new album out called Chesapeake and will be playing at 12th and Porter later tonight.


Black Friday: The Local Edition

25 Nov

Here’s the thing about Black Friday – you go to places like Walmart and Best Buy instead of local shops and less of your money stays local. I totally understand why we do this. That dirt-cheap TV is so tempting, and DVD box sets are such an easy gift to get someone. Also, it’s pretty much one-stop shopping, whereas if you want to buy local chances are you’re going to find yourself driving all over the place.

If you’re as tired of the cut-throat bloodbath that is Black Friday at the big-box retailers as I am then I’d like to present to you a few options for your holiday shopping today: Grimey’s and the Green Wagon.

Let’s start with The Green Wagon, or 5 Points in general. Local retailers will be slashing prices for the day, which is pretty standard, but at this Black Friday, I’m sorry, 5 Points Friday event there will also be live music, local beer, a local home brew contest, a home brewing 101 lesson, and some awesome local restaurants. You can feel good about yourself too, because 5 Points Friday will be raising money for Promise Neighborhood, a new program of the Martha O’Bryan Center.

Oh yeah, and the Grilled Cheeserie will be celebrating their first birthday by dishing out free gooey cheesy wonderfulness to their first 100 customers of the day. Are you sold on 5 Points Friday yet? By the way, they’ll start serving at 11:30. The whole event runs from 9:30am-11pm.

And now to Grimey’s! The folks who put Record Store Day together have assembled a bunch of new limited edition records and singles from some awesome artists for your purchasing and listening pleasure. But it wouldn’t really be Black Friday without a sale, right? Well, Grimey’s is making you work for your discount this year. You’ll get 15% off all non-Black Friday specific titles only if you bring in 3 non-perishable food items. Also, if you buy any 2 “sale” LPs or 7″s, you’ll get a 3rd sale LP or 7″ of equal or lesser value. Grimey’s opens at 10am and will close at 8pm.

In addition to the special releases and the sale, at noon Brendan Benson will be in the Basement signing copies of his new record, which was recorded live at our very own United Record Pressing, and hanging out with fans. Man, I love Nashville.



Defeater In-Store at Grimey’s

11 Nov

To quote their press release, “Defeater is a band recognized not only for their musical talent, but also for their social awareness and environmental activism in a musical landscape plagued with insincerity and complacency.” They’ll be at The End later tonight, but the lead singer and guitarist Derek Archambault will be at Grimey’s early for an in-store performance at 6pm.

This might not make up for the sorrow we felt in our hearts to learn that The Evan P. Donohue in-store was postponed, but if you’re really craving that Grimey’s in-store action this could certainly tide you over.

McCrary Sisters In-Store at Grimey’s

3 Nov

They’re probably most well-known for singing behind the excellent Mike Farris, but these sisters are the daughters of Rev. Samuel McCrary – one of the original members of the Fairfield Four. In other words, they’re the real deal. And they’re playing at Grimey’s tonight at 6pm.

So head on down to Grimey’s after work/school, check out some sweet records, and get your soul on. I mean, did you watch that video? It’s pretty sweet. Gotta love people who can cover Dylan and add their own arrangement without sounding tacky?


Blitzen Trapper In-Store at Grimey’s

19 Oct

Just because Americana Festival is over doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some sweet alt-country-indie-americana rock. Grimey’s is here to take care of your free-wheelin’ soul. I say that because tonight they have booked Blitzen Trapper (playing the Mercy Lounge tonight with Dawes) for an early, all ages, and completely free in-store performance.

Also, BT just released their 4th album, called American Goldwing, which I’m sure they’ll be signing, so either bring your copy or buy one there so you can hang the autographed artwork on your wall and make all your friends envious.

Things will get started at 6pm, and it’s a Grimey’s event so there very well may be free beer. While you’re there you should consider taking the time to enter to win all their awesome contests. They may be your broke behind’s last chance to see Gillian Welch at the Ryman in December (pick me!).



PUJOL In-Store at Grimey’s

14 Oct

In case you haven’t heard, PUJOL just got signed to Saddle Creek and are about to go national. They’ve even recorded and released some stuff on Third Man Records, and that’s about as high an honor as you can get as a young musician in Nashville these days. If you haven’t checked out PUJOL yet, or if you’re a big fan, you’ll want to hit up their in-store at Grimey’s tonight at 6pm. Here’s a video to get you pumped.

Americana Festival – the Free Stuff

13 Oct

Did you hear about the Americana Festival? It’s a big year for them because it’s the first year Oxford has recognized the word Americana as a really one. Suck it, spell check, I’ve been right all along!

Well, the festival started last night, and so far it’s off to a pretty great start. The swag bags are legit, the music is awesome, and at $50 for a four-day pass it’s pretty damn affordable for what you get. But I have good news for those of you who couldn’t quite make the commitment to shell out $50 for the best music genre. You see, there are some official and not-so-official Americana events happening this week, so you can still get your fix of that catch-all genre you love so much.

Let’s start with Grimey’s. This Saturday from 10am-8pm Grimey’s is mashing their fall outdoor sale and their annual Americanarama into one day of cheap records and CDs and excellent live Americana. Performers include our good friend Paul Burch, Hymn for Her, Glossary, Shivering Timbers, and more. There will even be some sweet DJ sets including one by the Record Wranglers. So bring your cash money (for the records!) and brave the crowds at Grimey’s for a few hours this Saturday. Oh, and Mas Tacos and Yazoo will be there, so you know it’s a party.

Next up is Musician’s Corner. As previously mentioned in the Weekly Highlights this week’s show is Americana-flavored and will feature sets from Brian Wright (who I highly recommend), Nanci Griffith, Ben Sollee, Peter Cooper, Eric Brace, and Jim Lauderdale. There will also be a tribute to the great Tom T. Hall with Peter Cooper. As always there will be vendors, food truck, etc. As always it’s in Centennial Park from 3-6pm.

Finally we shall talk about the Thirty Tigers party at the Hard Rock Cafe Saturday from 5-8pm. No AMA badge is necessary for this either, even though it’s the most official (I guess) of these events. Performers will include Amy Speace, Nikki Lane, Garland Jeffreys, Rual Malo, and Chuck Mead. There may be food. I hope there will be food. They Thirty Tigers, please make sure there is food.

That’s one full day of Americana, but if you want to hit up any of the other shows it’s sure to be a good time. It’s $15 for single shows except at the Mercy Lounge/Cannery where it’s $20 (but you get into both venues).


JD Souther In-Store at Grimey’s

11 Oct

Let’s have a little talk about JD Souther. He might not exactly be a house-hold name, but he’s written hit songs for and with some huge bands. For example, Souther wrote “Best of My Love”, “Victim of Love”, “Heartache Tonight”, and “New Kid in Town” with the Eagles as well as “Faithless Love” and “White Rhythm and Blues” for Linda Ronstadt. Oh yeah, and he’s also associate with Jackson Browne, James Taylor, and The Platters.

And he’s a solo artist. His solo stuff is pretty well renown. He even had a hit back in 1979 called “You’re Only Lonely.”

JD is playing an in-store today at Grimey’s at 6pm and with a track record like his I think it’s safe to say that some truly awesome shows are going to be played tonight. If you’re not planning on living a life of regret and love classic rock then you should probably go to this show. Yes, just go.



Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Meet N Greet at Grimey’s

4 Oct

If you know anything about 90s indie rock then you’ve probably heard of Stephen Malkmus or, at the very least, Pavement. If all those words went over your head then all you need to know is this: Stephen Malkmus is an indie rock god.

And indie rock god who’s having a meet and greet today at Grimey’s at 3pm.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks will be hanging around Grimey’s signing that Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creed Edition on vinyl or that battered copy of Slanted and Enchanted that you’ve had on CD since you were 15. Then you can chat about their new album Mirror Traffic, and talk about how much you want to hear “Cold Son” at their show at the Mercy Lounge later tonight or how you traveled all the way to Chicago to see the Pavement reunion tour a few years ago (okay okay, that was me).

This is going to be an awesome event, so you should probably make yourself available at 3pm. I mean, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to chat with a dude who accused the Smashing Pumpkins of not having any function in a song. Oh yeah, and go to their show later at the Mercy Lounge.


Ten out of Tenn in-store at Grimey’s

29 Sep

Seriously Grimey’s, you all are just too kind to us. The past few weeks you’ve had some pretty sweet in-stores, and yesterday you went and announced about a bajillion more, including a last minute one for today. And that last minute in-store isn’t just any local group, it’s freaking Ten out of Tenn.

Okay, maybe it isn’t all ten of the members, but Katie, Matthew, Andrew and Trent will be at Grimey’s at 6pm to warm up for their free set later on at Public Square Park for Live at the Green. So if you prefer small and intimate to big and downtown and like to browse for records during and before the set and meet the performers afterwards then hit up this in-store. Things will get started at Grimey’s around 6pm, but if you want a good spot you should probably get there early.