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Nashville Tour de Fat

20 Jun

Tour de Fat has become a summer tradition in Nashville. And hell, what’s not to like about bikes, beer and bemusement?

Presented by New Belgium Brewery, Tour de Fat takes place this Saturday in Centennial Park. It involves a parade, general weirdness and someone trading his or her car for a free bike. Hey, the bike might be worth more than the car, depending on the automobile.

There will also be live music! Here’s the schedule: 

10am: Parade Registration
11am: Danger Zone Parade Launch
12pm: Scot Nery Show
12:30pm: Honeymoon Caberet
1:15pm: Slow Ride
1:30pm: Rayland Baxter
2:15pm: Stunt Pepper Dance Contest
2:40pm: Yo-Yo People
3:30pm: Car for Bike Trade
4:00pm: Here Come the Mummies

>> RSVP on Facebook and learn more

Mufreesboro Bike Swap

25 May

If we seem a little bike happy as of late it’s because it’s pretty much summer, and what says summer like bikes and ice cream trucks? Well, apparently it says cicadas this year, but forget about that for a blissful moment. Summer, in my humble opinion, is about biking.

This Saturday Smoopy’s Vintage Bicycles in Murfreesboro is hosting a bike swap! Buy, sell, trade, it’s like a less scary flea market for bikes. It’s free to set up, it’s free to attend, and there will even be free hot dogs being grilled by the folks at Smoopy’s.

Smoopy’s is located at 2602 E. Main St. in Mufreesboro. If you want to set up shop there instead of just browsing you should call them at 615-410-3928 because space is limited. The event will run from 10am-4pm and folks of all levels of bicycle enthusiasm are allowed.

Ride safely, my friends.


Tour De Fun

8 Apr

I’m ashamed at how little I write about Murfreesboro. I mean, yeah, it’s not Nashville Proper, but it’s what, 15, 20 minutes away? Some of Nashville’s best bands come from there, and housing is affordable.

I was so pumped when one of my followers on Twitter sent me the info about Tour de Fun. I remember reading about it last year and almost completely missed it this year!

In case you’re like me and hadn’t heard about Tour de Fun, it’s a group bike ride/music festival that takes place tomorrow in Murfreesboro. There will be over 40 bands playing at several different locations, and as a group everyone attending the festival bikes to each location. The ride in total should be about 18 miles, which is a pretty decent ride.

The tour starts at noon Murfreesboro Outdoor and Bicycle (MOAB) at 310 N. Maple St. There will be bands and BBQ (!!!). There will be raffle tickets sold there for prizes and whatnot, and that’s where the riding starts. So if previously blogged about Scavenger Hunt doesn’t sound like your thing grab your bike rack and head down to the ‘Boro for some serious rock. Also, I’m a safety nut, so I’d like to suggest you bring a helmet too, because I love you all.

In the meantime check out this mixtape of some of the bands playing.


Check out the lineup and schedule behind the cut.


The 4th Annual Nashville Scavenger Hunt

8 Apr


Robert's Sweet Ride

As a dedicated cyclist in this city for nigh on nine months now, I think I can claim at least a touch of “street cred”. I rode all through the winter. For a little bit, I rode with spoke cards from a real messenger style checkpoint race I rode in. I own a hideous pink, blue, and white cycling cap (Team Lampre/NGC) which I wear proudly when I parade down the streets on my single speed green ’77 Varsity, Portlandia style, complete with a plaid shirt and pants that are too tight on me. I’m even a member of the Facebook group about cycling in Nashville. I also spend a decent chunk of my time getting paid to fix bicycles for the Belmont Bikes bike share program, so I’ve had my fair share of grit under my nails. Credibility established? Didn’t think so.

I may not be cool, but I know a good time when I see one, and the 4th Annual Nashville Scavenger Hunt promises to deliver it in spades. It’s a standard messenger style checkpoint ride, NOT race, through East Nashville. At each checkpoint, each rider will receive a playing card and at the end of the night the person with the best poker hand wins, NOT the fastest person, so all riders have a chance of doing well. And if you’ve ever come out to an event like this in Nashville, you know that cyclists in this town are pretty great folks. The honest truth is that literally everyone is welcome at events like this. All skill levels. All kinds of bikes. All you need to come down and cruise is a helmet and your sweet ride.

I did mention winning a couple of times, and that’s because these rides usually have sponsors and prizes, and according to the official blog for the event, the overall point’s winner receives this sweet Steamroller frame, courtesy of Nashville Bicycle Lounge. I’m betting there will be other prizes as well, but I can’t find an official sponsor list anywhere, so I don’t know what else will be there from whom, if at all.

So there you have it. The hunt rolls out on Saturday morning at 11, with sign up starting at 10 and will be finished by 1, which means you’ll have the whole rest of the day to lie on the couch and complain talk about how tired you are to your room mates or guzzle frosty brews at the East Nashville Beer Festival (not free and sold out so good luck). This being an event involving cycling, I’m almost positive there will be a group of people, or at least me, who don’t have tickets to the beer festival that will be going out for pints afterwards, so there’s the possibility of day drinking to lure you as well. Hope to see you tomorrow morning in East Nashville!