Promote Your Event

Hey there!

If you’ve clicked on this page, it’s because you have a free event and you want us to write about it.

So, how can you make that happen?

It’s pretty easy! Either email me at or shoot a tweet to @Nashforfree. If you want to be covered on the blog, please hit me up about two weeks before your event. If you just want a retweet, day before or day of works great.

The thing is, I’m pretty busy, and I’m probably not going to write about every event. If I don’t write about yours, please don’t be mad or sad.

You can improve your chances of getting covered by explaining to me why your event should be on and by including a pretty picture for me to use. Oh yeah, and if your event is free, that’s probably best.

Something we have been known to do in the past is promote non-free events if you want to run a contest with us. So, maybe your concert isn’t free, but if we give away a pair of tickets, that feels pretty applicable.

Not sure where you stand? It never hurts to ask (nicely)! Hit us up!