Nashville For Free is:

Emily (Founder/Editor in Chief) : Emily is a graduate from Belmont University, where she majored in Music Business. She’s originally from rural Ohio, where there are many cows, a river, and one vineyard. When she’s not attending free events in the Nashville vicinity, she can easily be spotted at most indie music events that she actually pays for. Emily is a folk musician, who favors Alt-Country, flannel shirts, Snoopy, diet coke, and historical non-fiction. She is also best friends with Elvis Costello, and has pictures to prove it.

With Special Guests:

Hilary (Contributor): Hilary was a student at Belmont University who majored in Sociology. She grew up in the tiny mid-western town of Danville, IL where the local shows were on the ice rink. Many of her nights and weekends outside of school are spent as a slave to the wage for the corporate retail empire; she says it’s pretty glamorous. In her spare time, she likes indulging in cheap booze at good bars and failing miserably at darts or perhaps going to a good local show appearing more than slightly interested. She loves her ukulele, scrabble, trashy reality television shows, and feminist theory.

Cajun White Bread!Matt (Contributor): Matt was a student of Music Business at Belmont University in–you guessed it–Nashville, TN. He favors uncommon punctuation, enjoys a healthy balance of death metal and pop music, and stays conscious of his chi. Matt calls the Nasty Nati his home (Cincinnati, OH) but pledges allegiance to no flag. He loves Prince’s  hot chicken, Call of Duty (PS3: mistah_kurtz), recording, and his mom. Matt is totally a cat person.

Kate (official photographer) Kate graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Her diploma will suggest that she is a mathematician, and indeed, she can tell you anything you’ve (n)ever wanted to know about fractal patterns and infinity. What her diploma may not suggest is that she is a photographer, avid concert-goer, vegetarian, and Texan. The “Texan” bit is rapidly evolving to “Tennessean,” but don’t tell anyone she knows from Texas. Kate enjoys shooting portraits, concerts, and other events around Nashville, TN… especially when they’re free.

Meryem (Contributor): Meryem Vanderbilt, where she studied Russian and how to match heels to a sundress. She enjoys gardening, social commentary and bass fishing, is an enthusiastic vegetarian and wrote for The Slant, Vanderbilt’s humor and satire newspaper. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she met Emily, Meryem thinks Skyline chili is better than Goldstar (even though she hasn’t eaten either in over 8 years) and vivaciously supports the Bengals.


Nolan(Banner and icon design): Nolan is Emily’s awesome big brother who desiged our logos and banner. He deserves a round of applause and some serious honorable mention. Go Nolan.
  • What’s the best way to submit a free event?

    Thanks! You do a wonderful job!

  • Emily

    You can drop us a line at nashvilleforfree at gmail dot com, or send something to the twitter via @reply or DM

  • cheapassmichelle

    Big brother totally rocked it on the icon/banner. Hooray!

  • Emily

    Since when is Brett staff? I’m not putting him on payroll, that’s for sure.

  • cheapassmichelle

    As far as I’m concerned, you’re the only “staff” I know. We’re just assholes with an internet connection…and a shitty one, at that. You’re my hero, Emilio. I don’t know what I’ll do till January.

  • Emily

    Well, pretty soon you’re going to visit me, so that’s one thing.

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  • i wanna be a special guest

  • Bensonpaula

    Cool, hip & crunk is Emily’s awesome blog Nashville For Free!!! Your smart contributors are mostly cool, but it’s sad that ungrateful Matt “pledges allegiance to no flag.” So sad. Is Matt an
    American? “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the USofA,” & like the freedom for which it stands &
    like this mostly cool blog too.

  • Emily

    oh, that’s just Matt. He’s a loner, Bensonpaula, a rebel.