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Photo Set: SoundLand 2011

27 Sep

M. Ward at SoundLand 2011

Photos from SoundLand Music Festival (September 20-24, 2011) by Kate Cauthen, featuring M. Ward, Dawes, Jonny Corndawg, Justin Townes Earle, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Robert Ellis, Madi Diaz, Humming House, Foster The People, Cults, Reptar, Ghostland Observatory, Cherub, Ziggurat, The Low Anthem, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Apache Relay, Tristen, Black Belles, Those Darlins, &  JEFF the brotherhood. More photos here

Scene Report: Soundland 2011

27 Sep

Being a blogger of free and cheap things has many advantages. I save a lot of money doing it and sometimes there are awesome perks. Case in point, this year N4F was given press credentials and got the VIP experience: music, conferences, VIP parties, and sweet, sweet swag.

Let us start with the music. If you jumped on a wristband when they first went on sale you would’ve snagged it for for a mere $35. That’s $8.75 per night of rock. Nights with musicians like M. Ward, Cults, Foster the People, Justin Townes Earle, Yelawolf, and more. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and it is. The music this year was great. Since there were fewer venues (that were closer together) there were fewer conflicts and most of the venues were walking distance from each other, which has all kinds of benefits.

It would be hard to pick a favorite show of the festival, but standouts for me were Those Darlins at the Factory Party, Dawes and M. Ward at the War Memorial, Foster the People at the 12th Ave Block Party, and Jason Isbell at the Cannery Ballroom. Other great shows were Madi Diaz at the Mercy Lounge, Humming House at Station Inn, and Tristan at the Factory Party. Let’s just say there was a lot of great music and leave it at that for now, because there is so much other stuff to get to.


Scene Report: Girls In-Store at Grimey’s

17 Sep

In case you hadn’t heard from my constant tweeting about it, Girls played a free in-store a Grimey’s yesterday that was live-streamed on a whole buncha websites. Did you see me? I was there, right up front. That’s how I do.

The show itself was solid. I’d seen Girls live three times before yesterday and I have to be honest, the first two times were a little rough for me. I loved the record but man, those songs don’t lend themselves to an exciting show. But I have to say, every time I see them they’re much better than the last time. This time, however, they had a secret weapon: three awesome back-up singers. It’s hard to imagine that three strong-voiced women could bring a lot to a lo-fi druggy pop band (and I sometimes have to wonder what they think about playing songs with titles like “Vomit” and “Hellhole Ratrace”) but dude. They brought it.

It was a great little set. I didn’t keep track of songs played (terrible memory for that stuff), but it was mostly new stuff. Did you see it? It was on the internet. I spent a good part of the show watching the cameraman who was crouched in front with a camera narrowly avoiding getting hit by Chris Owens’ guitar head.

Oh yeah, I also brought my camera to the show. I’m no Kate Cauthen, but I think I got a few solid pics. Check them out behind the cut.


Photo Set: National Folk Festival 2011

10 Sep

Oyama & Nitta performing at The National Folk Festival

Photos from the 73rd National Folk Festival (September 2-4, 2011) by Kate Cauthen, featuring Oyama & Nitta, Massive Monkees, The Holmes Brothers, The Marshall Ford Swing Band, and Samba Mapangala. More photos here.

Scene Report: Spotify

30 Aug

If you haven’t heard of Spotify then you must have been intentionally avoiding any news stories and conversations about music, the cloud, and the internet in general, because it’s kind of a big deal.

Spotify has been available in Europe for years as a way to listen to music for free as long as you agree to listen to commercials. For as long as it has existed there have rumors about Spotify coming to the United States, but until now it’s been nothing but that, a rumor.

But somehow the rights have been aquired and Spotify has launched in the United States. Right now free accounts are still mostly invitation only, but if you don’t have any friends with Spotify there’s still hope. We got Spotify by going through Klout. Spotify is being smart about dishing out invitations, if you’re considered a half-influential user on Twitter or Facebook on Klout you can get access to a free Spotify account.

But how is Spotify? (more…)

Scene Report: 2011 Tomato Art Festival

15 Aug

With the insane heat wave we’ve been suffering from I was concerned that this year’s Tomato Art Festival would be completely unbearable, so Meryem and I decided to cross the river bright and early before the heat really set in. It was about 9:15 when we got there, and we lucked out with a sweet parking spot and even sweeter cloud cover.

Sadly, the cloud cover didn’t last, but we managed to keep cool with a pretty steady supply of free bottled water. There was also a lot of free food, much of it sugary or tomato-y (duh). There were a lot of great vendors set up, from local organizations, to clothing, to, of course, art.

There were also plenty of free, non-food items available. Tote bags, Yelp swag, tomato-shaped stress balls, and more were available for nothing more than your email address. I even got a free Jameson Pint Glass from Village Pub, who was giving away all kinds of free stuff for answering trivia questions. Luckily, I’m a master of Cincinnatian trivia, and while walking past their booth I overheard the question “who starred in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?” George Clooney! Meryem, our resident gardening fiend, won one for knowing that a tomato plant can produce 15 tomatoes in a season. Go us!

As always, it was a fun, packed festival, and it wasn’t too too hot outside. Though to be honest, I was shocked to not see more food trucks. However, I was excited to see a new pizza place opening in 5 Points, 5 Points Pizza. Good luck to them! And congratulations to the Tomato Art Festival for another great festival.


Photo Set: New Faces Nite at The Basement

5 Aug

New Faces Nite at The Basement (August 2nd, 2011) by Kate Cauthen, featuring Bridget & The Squares, Wilder Embry & Carolyn Flood, A Fire With Friends, Anna Haas, and The John King Band. More photos here.

Check out New Faces Nite for FREE everyday Tuesday at The Basement!

Photo Set: 8 off 8th

3 Aug

8 off 8th at Mercy Lounge (August 1st, 2011) by Kate Cauthen, featuring Benjamin Olson & The Fragile Apples, Jessica Campbell, Heather Davis, Lane Abernathy, The Horror Vaccui, Charles Fields, and Jerry Castle.

Scene Report: Skrillex Secret Show

13 Jul

Well, the jury’s still out on how secret the party really was. Though Monday night was nowhere to be found on the tour’s schedule, Skrillex tweeted that he was heading to Nashville about 20 hours leading up to the show, and 12th and Porter spilled the beans at around 3pm. Needless to say, they packed out the cafe room way before Skrillex even set foot on stage.

There was some sort of list; I was lucky enough to know the kind and talented dj/blogger over at Nashville Nights (check it out, seriously) who threw me on there, but the show was open to the public as well. Just about everyone that showed up before 11:30 got in, waiting in varying lengths of line throughout the night. Regardless of how you got in or how your found out or how difficult it was to abandon all of your closest friends to get a chance to see a private show with Skrillex, it was totally worth it.

Skrillex, for those unawares, is one of the biggest names in Dubstep these days. A kid born out of the hardcore scene (From First to Last), he transitioned bigtime into the dance scene, of which Nashville has a great one. In the middle of a tour with Porter Robinson and Zedd, it was his day off but he played a show nonetheless. Zedd started the night off with some electro hip hop, and Skrillex–coming out for just over thirty minutes–went right through all of his best mixes and let Porter Robinson finish the night out.

The place was packed, and it was so hot inside that coming out to a 90 degree night was a welcome relief. Nashville’s full of surprises, and it’s always great to be a part of it!

Saving Greenbacks with a Green Thumb

7 Jul

When this summer began, I was mainly thinking of the green in my pocket. Yet, at the beginning of July, I find myself thinking much more about the green of my thumb than greenbacks. Every day when I return home from work, I grab an empty milk jug with holes punched in the top from my balcony, fill it with water, and spend 5 or 15 minutes watering, grooming and loving the jungle growing on my terrace.

I did not initially think that I would be growing so much on my balcony, but one thing led to another and I currently have a healthy heap of basil, one large, blooming tomato plant, a bell pepper plant which rivals the tomato for size, several sprigs of mint, overflowing catnip, some struggling thyme and rosemary, and a hanging planter of parsley. There is nothing I have done this summer that has brought so much joy for so little money.