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Free Night at the Frist Center…For Nash for Free Fans

2 Jul

Some people hate museums. I don’t understand it, but some people do. If you’re one of those people, then you’re not going to give a shit about this blog post.

However, if you’re one of those awesome people who loves going to museums, especially art museums, then I have a treat for you – you can go to The Frist Center this Friday, July 6th, for FREE, but only if you have the super-special coupon that is the image in this post.

There are a lot of great things at the Frist right now. Creation Story: Gee’s Bend Quilts and the Art of Thornton Dial, Bill TraylorEdward Burtynsky: The Industrial SublimeConstable: Oil Sketches from the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Metamorphoses: Drawings by Erin Anfinson, Kristi Hargrove, Mark Hosford, and Chris Scarborough (which is especially cool).

Also,  ARTini: Constable: Oil Sketches from the Victoria and Albert Museum will take place at 7pm and The Thank You Ma’ams will be performing in the Cafe from 6-8pm. So yes, tons to do with this free night.


-P.S., if the idea of seeing all that great art for free in one day is a little overwhelming, all wearers of red, white, and blue will get free admission to The Frist on July 4th! Happy birthday, America!

Captain Americas at Movies in the Park

27 Jun

It’s the final Wednesday of June, which means, sadly, that it’s the last day of Movies in the Park at Warner Park Cross Country Field on hwy 100.

Some people weren’t convinced that the move was a good idea. I wasn’t sure it was either, but apparently it’s been such a huge success that they were at capacity for at least one of the movies.

Tonight’s presentation is that blockbuster super hero film from last year, Captain America. It’s action packed, pretty wholesome (it’s Captain America, what else could it be), and well-written. It’s mostly an origin story, so you need absolutely no background going into it. Apparently they’re showing an edited version, and I have to be honest, not sure what’s going to be edited out.

Gates open at around 5pm and the film starts at dusk. There will be food trucks, giveaways, prizes and more. Bring a blanket or a small lawn chair.


2012 Nashville Fringe Festival

26 Jun

The 2012 Nashville Fringe Festival is in full swing this week, and I’m a little sad that I didn’t hear about it earlier. According to their website, the NFF is a “celebration of the arts featuring music, dance, crafts, spoken word, film, performance art of all varieties, and street entertainment in our very own Nashville, Tennessee,” which sounds like a pretty great cause to me.

If you’ve flipped through the Weekly Highlights you undoubtedly saw several of their events, but I’ve decided to compile them all in one place. Happily, most of their events are totally free! Here’s the list:

Tuesday, 6/26
Jazz Night at at Nine48Jazz House (948 35th Ave N) – 7pm
There will be art, music, dance, crafts, spoken word, and more. Performers include Aspene Taylor Jazz Quartet, Centennial Hiptet, Geoff Pfeifer Quartet.

Thursday, 6/28
Film Night at East Side  Performing Artist’s Co-op – 8pm
Tonight that Nashville Fringe Festival will be screening the documentary Cleanflix. It will be presented by Kevin Kazlauskas.  The film is a “powerful, poignant and balanced exploration into the debate of creative control between the customer and the creator.”

Friday, 6/29
Jack Silverman Ordeal w/ Sarah Brown at the Family Wash – 9pm
From the official bio: After being dropped on his head as a small child, Jack Silverman was dropped on his head as a teenager. Not long thereafter, he was dropped on his head once more, then again in his mid-20s. Jack managed to make it through the next decade without being dropped on his head, but then was dropped on his head three times in rapid succession. Shortly thereafter, he began the Jack Silverman Ordeal, which, not surprisingly, is often described as the musical equivalent of being dropped on your head. Protective headgear recommended.

Saturday, 6/29
Dance and Guitar Master Class Workshop at The Rutledge – 2pm
The Nashville Fringe Festival presents Dance and Guitar, Master Class/Workshop, Transposition taught by Megan Harrold and Charlie Rauh. This is a free and family friendly event!


Levi Weaver In-Store at Grimey’s

19 Jun

For years my friends have been talking about this great guy, this talented musician, named Levi Weaver. Seriously, it seems like he was always a topic of conversation.

I now understand why. The guy has crazy talent. Imogene Heap knows it, isn’t about time you knew it?

Levi Weaver has spent about two years working on his new album, the awesomely-titled The Letters of Dr. Kurt Godel, and now he’s celebrating its release by playing a free, all ages in-store at Grimey’s today at 6pm.

I suppose his sound could be described as folk rock, but I hate that descriptor. Let’s focus on his excellent storytelling ability and ear for melody and maybe you should just come out and see for yourself. For free.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

8 Jun

Close Encounters of the Third KindOne of the coolest things The Belcourt does (arguably, since they’re so awesome in general) is host a series of free outdoor movies in their parking lot. It’s different from Movies in the Park in that they don’t play current or even recent blockbusters. No, they play awesome old hits and cool little films that you never would have seen otherwise.

The films happen every second Saturday through the summer, which means the first film is this weekend! They’ll be showing the Spielberg hit Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the film that teaches all other alien films what’s up. Also, REALLY made me dig Devil’s Tower when I was younger, but I digress.

The movie starts at dusk (probably a big after 8pm) on Saturday in their parking lot, which means you need to plan ahead for parking. I recommend by the Post Office. Actually, I just recommend you walk or bike if you can.

Enjoy the movie!


Imogene and Willie Bonnaroo Party

7 Jun

Not everyone can make it to Bonnaroo, which is a complete shame. It’s a ton of fun, and I made it a point to get tickets this year. However, if you don’t get to go and you don’t like country music, this week and weekend Nashville can really be a bummer.

Thankfully, Imogene + Willie has decided to hold an awesome party at their shop for everyone who didn’t make it out to the farm this year.

There will be food from Mas Tacos, drinks from Holland House, coffee from Barista Parlor, beer from Yazoo, and live performances from Kopecky Family Band and William Tyler. Also, it’s BYOB if you don’t want to buy alcohol, which is pretty awesome. Bring your own blanket as well.

The party will last from about 5pm to 9pm. Enjoy!


Movies in the Park: The Help

6 Jun

It’s the first Wednesday in June, which means it’s time for the first of four Movies in the Park.

We’ve already talked about how Movies in the Park is moving from Centennial Park to Warner Park’s cross country field on hwy 100. Some people are happy, some are not, whatever. That’s where it is. So it goes.

Tonight’s movie is The Help, based on the book by Kathryn Stockett. It was a pretty big hit last summer and won some awards. I read and enjoyed the book, and I actually really liked the movie. Viola Davis was wonderful, and Emma Stone did very well.

The party (with food) starts at 4pm, so if you don’t have to be at work until 5 or 6 head over early, get your hiking on, throw the frisbee around. It’s a great space for that. As for the film, it starts at dusk, and sunset is at 8pm, so I’d guess it’ll start around then.

See you all there!

-Emily Harris

The Transit of Venus

5 Jun

The Transit of Venus at Adventure Science CenterSomething is going to happen in the sky tonight that’s not going to happen for the rest of our natural lives. For the last time for 105 years, the plant Venus will cross the face of the sun, as seen from Earth.

Much like an eclipse, (and in daily practice) you should NOT stare directly at the sun if you want to see this event. But then how should you view it? Adventure Science Center has the answer.

Actually, they’re having a party. From 4-8pm Adventure Science Center will be hosting a Transit of Venus party in the upper parking lot! Members of the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society will have telescopes set up, and members of the ASC staff will instruct visitors on how to view the sun safely with special solar shades that may be taken home.

I highly recommend attending. It’s not very often that I can write about a REAL once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, guys.

Happy viewing.


Movies in the Park 2012

22 May

Nashville has at least two long-standing outdoor movie series, and one is undergoing a big change this year.

Movies in the Park, which takes place every Wednesday in June, is moving from Centennial Park, where it’s been for 16 years, to Warner Park’s Cross Country Field on Hwy 100. Why the change? I’m not sure, but something tells me it’ll at the very least be a little safer, if not roomier. Maybe more parking.

But let’s move past that. The important part of Movies in the Park is the movies they show. Here’s the full list:

  • June 6th – The Help
  • June 13th – Shrek (not Schrek, oh well)
  • June 20th – Twilight: Breaking Dawn
  • June 27th – Captain America – an edited version

As usual, something for everyone. Right on.

Movies start at dusk, but be sure to get there early for a good spot. Apparently the party starts at 4pm and Moe’s Southwestern Grill, Ben & Jerry’s, Stonehouse Q, Kona Ice, the Grilled Cheeserie and Moose Head kettle corn.


Pints and Pistons at Imogene and Willie

26 Apr

Pints + Pistons is a motorcycle rally presented by Imogene + Willie. Being based out of an old gas station, and being totally rad, it seems to make perfect sense that they would have an appreciation for the most bad ass, greasy mode of transportation.

Those with motorcycles should meet at the shop at 1pm for a ride across Middle Tennessee. It’s extensive. It’s awesome. You might want to fill up before you head out.

Just be sure to be back by 5pm. That’s also when you’ll want to head over to i+w if you just want to check out all the awesome bikes (because you don’t have one of your own but really wish you did.) That’s because 5pm is when the free beer happens.

Enjoy, and rev-on.