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Adventure Science Center: Star Parties and Half-Off Membership

19 Sep

So I’m not much into going to many parties these days, but the Star Parties hosted by the Adventure Science Center sounds really cool. What’s a star party? Well, its pretty much what it sounds like, everyone and anyone who likes stargazing is welcome to come and browse through telescopes to view the beautiful planets and stars. Because viewing stars is best far away from city lights, most of the star parties are not held at the Adventure Science Center.

This Friday, September 23, from 8:00-10:00 pm the star party will be held at Bells Bend Outdoor Center. If it is pretty cloudy out the party is cancelled and if that’s the case you can always refer to the Adventure Science Center website OR call (615) 401-5092. On their website, they also list a slew of helpful hints to make your star party experience a great one. If you do plan on going, I’d recommend taking a look to make sure you’re prepared!

I wanted to post this a little ahead of time before Friday, because I recently heard about a great deal regarding Adventure Science Center membership. Through 2 pm on Tuesday, September 20, new members can get HALF OFF a family membership. This is a great deal, take advantage ASAP, because you don’t have much time left to do so!

Happy stargazing!


Scene Report: Movies in the Park, (500) Days of Summer

2 Jun

Last night, on Wednesday, a few friends and I gathered together to share some blanket space and enjoy a free movie in the park. We got their pretty early, around 6:30 pm or so, and we got a decent spot on the lawn, almost front and center for the viewing of (500) Days of Summer. I first saw this movie back when it came out in 2009 and I totally fell in love with it (and Zooey Deschannel). The film was as cute as I remember it, except this time there were a couple interrupting helicopters. I guess it happens?

Anyway, this was an especially memorable night because I have tried for a really long time to catch up with The Grilled Cheeserie and I’ve never quite been able to do so. Last night, though, was a different story. I totally indulged and it was delicious. Speaking of delicious, if you guys didn’t get a chance to get a cupcake from the Cupcake Collection school bus, then you missed out! They easily have the best cupcakes in town. If you decide to stop by their Germantown storefront, which you should, get there as early as you can because the lady in front of you just might buy the very last of them right before your eyes (true story).

I really love the idea of movies in the park, but nothing is a more nerve-wracking than trying to get all of your things together in the pitch black while there seems to be some sort of chaos going on near the Parthenon. And this morning I did read on the news that there was a shooting around 9:30 at the Parthenon in a group that the police had been trying to disperse throughout the night. I hope a situation like this doesn’t mean the end of movies in the park, but it very well could be.




Julia Martin’s “Hold ME” at Ovvio Arte

29 Apr

Just off of 4th Street, at 425 Chestnut St, is the location of an art “space,” Ovvio. I’ve never been to Ovvio before, but it sounds like this space is more than simply displays of art at a gallery. Ovvio offers “full creative services,” meaning that they host all types of exhibitions, including “performances, installations, spectacles, and extraordinary events.” Founders, Veta Cicolello and Theo Antoniadis from Brooklyn, were recently featured in Her Nashville, and if you happened to catch the article you know these guys have a sweet home and are great artists themselves.

On Friday, April 29, Ovvio will host new work from a Nashville-native artist, Julia Martin.  The show is entitled “Hold ME,” and will consist of a collection of 12 pieces on both canvas and wood. Although the collection reflects Julia’s definitive style, “Hold ME” explores the subject matter through the lens of the question “what is a painting?” I’m no expert on art, all I know is that I like it. The first time I saw a piece of Julia’s art, I didn’t even know it was her own. Martin’s art is the album art for local musician, Tristen’s latest record, Charlatans At The Garden Gate. I love the album and I also love the artwork on the cover. This exhibition of Julia’s work will surely not disappoint, so make sure to make it to Ovvio for the Opening Reception tonight, April 29, from 6pm-10pm. Fortunately for you, if you can’t make it tomorrow night, the show will continue until May 21. See you there!




Grimey’s Instore: Natural Child

23 Apr

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Nashville band, Natural Child, you should know that they are on Infinity Cat with bands like Heavy Cream, Pujol, and JEFF the Brotherhood. So, in other words, these guys know how to get down, play music, and have a good time doing it.

Today at Grimey’s you can go see Natural Child, for a free instore at 4:20 pm. I’m assuming they’ll be playing songs off of their newly released record, 1971. And I know there are about a million other things going on for Earth day today, but if you get a chance you should definitely still check it out. And most likely there will be free beer for you to enjoy. Free music and free beer, it doesn’t get better than that.


– Hilary

Grimey’s Instore: Warpaint

5 Apr

If there’s one band I’ve fallen in-love within the past year, it’s Warpaint. Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, their recently released album, The Fool came out in October 2010. It’s also the most perfect experimental, ambient art I’ve heard in quite sometime, those angelic voices just make me swoon.

Warpaint is compiled of Emily Kokal (vocals/guitar), Theresa Wayman (guitar/vocals), Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass/vocals) and have been together since 2006 and just recently added the fourth member, drummer, Stella Mozgawa in 2009. The girls are self-proclaimed besties from childhood and I think it’s adorable. Anyway, this new album, The Fool, is something you can kind of roll your head back and sway to, if you’re in to that sort of thing, that is of course if you ever unfold your arms at a show, Nashville! Sadly, I missed the all-girl, four-piece group last year when they played at Exit/In. You’re going to want to make double sure that you aren’t missing them again, like I regretfully did, and on Tuesday, you can. Their FREE instore at Grimey’s is at 6pm. I’ve been told from a reliable source that if you want to see Warpaint at Grimey’s, you need to get there early, plant your feet, and don’t move.

If you can’t make it to the free instore (it happens), then by all means, shell out the $10 ($12 at the door) and go see them at the Mercy Lounge. PVT & Family Band are opening and show starts at 9:00. I’ve had my tickets for a month and a half, so I’ll see you guys there!


Below you can stream Warpaint’s latest album, The Fool

The Fool by warpaintwarpaint

Grimey’s Instore: The Apache Relay

4 Apr

Do you guys remember hearing about that underground (literally, a basement) show that Mumford and Sons did here awhile back? Well, that show happened in the basement of Mike Harris, member of The Apache Relay. Their first album 1988 got some attention and they’ve been noted as a band to watch out for. And from what I’ve heard, their live show is pretty great, too.

So if you’re a fan, or looking for a good free show, definitely head over to Grimey’s on Monday at 6 pm to catch their set. And although they happen to be Nashville-natives, they will be going on tour for quite some time with the always fantastic, Tristen starting on April 5, so catch them while you can for FREE. Their second album, American Nomad is set to be released on April 12 but rumor has it, is that if you come you get to buy their record early. Pretty cool.

Below is a video of the band performing on some stairs for “Love in Stereo Sessions.” Check it.

2-4-1 Tuesdays: Pie in the Sky

29 Mar

So I’ve been to this place quite a few times, my bestie worked here for a few months a couple years ago and I haven’t really been back since. However, a couple weeks ago I went to Pie in the Sky for the first time in a long time and I have to say, it was still as good as I remember it. As usual, I prefer the company of pizza with my beer and from what I understand I guess there are three locations? Midtown, Cool Springs, and Lennox Village. They claim to have the best pizza in Nashville, but I’m sure there are others who are out for the title (Pizza Buds, anyone?!) but it’s still pretty delicious. I also went to Mellow Mushroom recently and I’d probably compare the two to be pretty similar in price and taste. The one thing I do love about Pie in the Sky though, is that cookie dessert thing. It’s like $6 or something, but it’s basically hot cookie dough with ice cream, so good and yet so bad at the same time.

Their Happy Hour is pretty straight forward, which makes it easier to remember if you’re too poor for a smart phone, like me. The hours for HH are as follows, 3-6 pm daily, pretty easy, right? During Happy Hour at Pie in the Sky you can get 2-4-1 House Wines (by the glass) and there is an always changing 2-4-1 “Draft Beer Special of the Day.” I would imagine these would include typical drafts and drinkable beers. Cheers!



DAILY 3-6PM: 2-4-1 house wines (by the glass), 2-4-1 ‘draft specials by the day’

2-4-1 Tuesdays: Fido

22 Mar

I can read minds and I already know what’s going through your head. Fido? Is this girl on crack?! THEY DON’T SERVE BEER THERE! (Editor’s note: they do serve alcohol, but we didn’t drink any) You’re absolutely right. This week I decided to cater to the non-alcoholic readers. I’m always looking for ANY establishment on ANY kind of deal that you can sip on. I chose Fido because sometimes it’s a good idea to put down the pint and pick up the mug. Am I right? Nashville has a bunch of cool coffee shops like (but not limited to) Dose, Sip, Ugly Mugs, Bongo, Crema, etc. Fido is particularly good if you’re looking for a good apple + brie sandwich or perhaps Jake Gyllenhaal. Now I can’t promise Jake, but I can still keep your (and most importantly MY) hopes up.

Over the years Fido has expanded into this huge coffee that is, dare I say it, bigger than the Starbucks. HIGH FIVE and stick it to the man, Fido! I always get nervous waiting in line at any busy coffee shop hoping I won’t have to stand to drink my latte, but I’ve never really had a problem with that there, even at their busiest. Ok, so here’s the deal, I saw a sign posted on the doors of Fido proclaim that on Tuesday’s you get $2 OFF 1lb of coffee! Are all of you coffee drinkers jumping for joy? I thought so. I’m not sure how long this is going on, so get to Fido soon, kids!

And if you haven’t yet, definitely try Hot & Cold, the newest edition to the Fido/Bongo family. At Hot & Cold, barista Eliza made my coffee at the most perfect temperature. It’s been over two months since that cup of coffee and I still remember it. Thanks, Eliza!


TUES: $2 OFF 1lb bag of coffee!


So it turns out Fido DOES serve beer and wine. Who knew? I didn’t. I couldn’t recall seeing beer or wine on the menu and it wasn’t listed on the menu online. You can get booze there, but of course it isn’t free. Cheers!

2-4-1 Tuesdays: Mellow Mushroom

15 Mar

So maybe you’ve never been to Mellow Mushroom before, but maybe you have at least heard of it right? I know there is one in Franklin somewhere, but the only one in Nashville is located right by Vanderbilt. I’ve been to a few before in places like Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC but this one here in Nashville kind of has a weird sports bar/hippie feel to it. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but, it is a weird mix. Regardless of the vibe, the food there is still good. I’m pretty picky about my pizza and pretty serious about the crust, but they pass. From what I understand even though there are Mellows in fifteen (whoa) states, they’re all locally owned and operated, pretty cool.

Even though I am somewhat picky about pizza, I love it. Nothing goes better with a beer than pizza, well except maybe tacos or something. Mellow Mushroom has SO many beers. So many. Monday through Thursday from 3pm-8pm 1/2 priced draft pints and $1.00 off house wines and well liquor. And on Sundays, all day, draft pints are ½ priced! As usual, parking absolutely sucks in this area, so mid afternoon, or happy hour is definitely the prime time to go (duh). You might actually find a parking spot and you’ll get cheap beer.



MON-THURS: 3pm-8pm, ½ priced pint drafts, $1.00 off house wines and well liquor

SUN: ALL DAY, ½ priced pint drafts


2-4-1 Tuesdays: Mardi Gras Edition

8 Mar

Ok so this week I decided I’d do things a little differently in honor of Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, or the “feast before the fast.” Did anyone happen to catch the parade in Belle Meade earlier? I didn’t even know about it until it was over! Parade Shmarade. I figured a ton of events would be going on around town, but I’ve had to do some serious digging and it doesn’t look as though there is a THAT much going on. And it just started raining. So, what are your options for Fat Tuesday? Well, I might say “not much.”

Are you looking for some swamp pop music? Maybe you aren’t, BUT if you are you can go to this place called “The James Gang Co.” to see a band called Roux du Bayou. The event said “drink specials all night” but don’t hold me to it. I’ve never heard of this place I’m just the messenger. That might be a little too far fetched for some of you. I can probably guarantee that just about any bar tonight is going to have some sort of drink special and a multitude of beads (but hold on, we don’t want to see your boobies) for you to drape around your neck. If you still feel drawn to go to some sort of Cajun/Creole/Nola themed bar for some serious Fat Tuesday indulgence, try these places: Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie, Chappy’s, and the French Quarter. The booze may or may not be cheap but you’ll probably get more free beads than you’ll know what to do with.

So it seems as though I’ve failed all of you alcohol enthusiasts. Womp womp. I’ve been searching for what feels like hours and feel as though I’m still not sure as to where all the cool kids are going to celebrate tonight. Perhaps the Exit/In? Maybe even Limelight for the Masquerade Ball (certainly not me, I can’t afford to go to clubs!)? Or maybe everyone will go to the bars they normally do but get 10x more drunk. Does that mean everyone is going to Springwater for karaoke Mardi Gras style? I think I might have guessed right. Whether you’re going to venture down to Printer’s Alley or not, I just have one piece of advice for you: don’t end up in the slammer.