I started Nashville for Free in the Winter of 2007 as a group on Facebook. It wasn’t particularly successful, but I stuck with it, updating the news section and sending out newsletters with some frequency, but it was largely disheartening because I couldn’t seem to get over 200 members and there was very little group participation, so during spring break I decided to change boats and get Nashville for Free on Twitter.

I couldn’t have possibly imagined how well Nashville for Free would do on Twitter. I expected maybe 500 followers, a lot of work on my side, and little appreciation. As I write this I have 28,900 followers, many of whom send me tips and voice their appreciation. The success of the Twitter account has led me to start this blog, where I can post several events at once as well as reports of the events I’ve advertised that I actually participate in. I hope you find the blog helpful and enjoyable.

As always, feel free to leave comments if you feel like I’ve missed something, or if you just want to say hello. Also, you can drop us a line and send us events by emailing us at tips [at] nashvilleforfree [dot] com. If it’s something that would work best on Twitter, just send us a DM or a message to @nashforfree.


  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this! I really appreciate it.


  • Emily

    Thank you! Kind words like yours keep the blog/Twitter going!

  • Dennis

    Wow, thank you for so many cool and fun ideals!

    What has been your most unlikly source for info?

    Best regards,


  • Emily

    Dennis, I troll around the internet, hit up sites for Mercy Lounge, Grimey’s, and Exit/In for some free shows, then I check out Now Playing Nashville (they have a lot of good stuff), and sometimes I get press releases, but I’m really surprised by the amount of reader submissions. People email me, send me messages on Twitter, and sometimes leave comments on the blog.

  • ryan

    where is your contact info? i need to send you an email

  • Emily

    The info is right on this page.

  • Thanks for posting our show tonight @ 12th & Porter. Good to know we can come into town from Milwaukee to record/play a gig and be treated with kindness. We hope to meet plenty of Nashville out tonight. See ya there


    The Color Truth

  • @thecolortruth

  • Kevin Kaz

    Hey folks – good show last night at Mercy. I had fun. Here’s some sample footage from the evening:


    Hope you like it!


  • LoveVsLogic

    Thanks Emily! I stumbled across this website about a month ago and I’m addict! I’m not on any of the social networks (I prefer talking to real people in person) and found myself missing out on local events. Your blog has keeps me in “the know”!

  • Celeste

    Lots of stuff for free at the TN State Fairgrounds. This weekend is the largest flea market of the year. Come see me…I’ll give you a calendar of events! Celeste LaReau / Marketing Director