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Do You Want to Run a Blog?

19 Apr

Or write for one, anyway?

Hey there! It has been literal years. I’m sorry about that. Does anyone still care about this site? I honestly have no idea, but I want to explain what happened.

I started this blog when I was in college. When I had free time (just kidding, I was just as busy then as I am now). After college, I hung around Nashville for a few years. I loved Nashville, but ultimately it wasn’t the city for me. My husband and I picked up and moved to Seattle, WA. Closer to family and closer to job opportunities for the both of us.

I’m still so, so proud of this site and everyone who ever wrote for it (you too, Michelle and Lance).

And, frankly, I’d love to see it live again.

So … do you want to run a blog? Send me a mention at the @nashforfree Twitter. I’ll give you a follow, and we’ll chat.

This isn’t a winner-takes-all deal. If a few people want to write, awesome. But it’s a commitment. That’s why I gave it a hard stop. Yeah, I could’ve done a post here or there, but this blog thrived when it was producing content at least weekly, with the Weekly Highlights. Daily tweets are a bonus, too.

Whatdoyasay, Nashville? Do you care to bring the blog back, or should I stop paying for the annual hosting?