Contest: Allen Stone at 12th & Porter

The AEG TMG train keeps on rolling and delivering FREE tickets! This time you get to check out the  Allen Stone at 12th & Porter next Wednesday, 10/3!

As usual, all you have to do to get an entry is comment on this blog post with who you would take to this show!

Want an even bigger chance to win? Post on our Facebook page something factual about stones. Yes, like the rocks.

One post will get you entered 2 extra times, and any additional posts about stones may or may not get you entered in any more times (no guarantees!). And, if you want to push your bonus points luck, post a pic on our Facebook page of you with (wait for it) STONES! Rolling Stones, actual rocks, you name it. Points to be determined by me based on your effort.

I’m picking a winner this upcoming Monday evening, 10/1 …  so GO!



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  • Maury Moriarty

    There are 3 main rock types: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic!

  • Delaney Brannigan

    I would take my best friend!

  • I would take my golden retriever if he was allowed inside. But also I would take my best friend Sharra.

  • SRIVERA0914

    Did you know that meteorites, rocks from space, help scientists learn about the solar system and are very valuable?  I love stones and Allen Stone.  I would take my best friend Kelsey because we listen to him everyday in the office!!

  • Tsims

    I would love to see Allen Stone!!! I would take my Hubby for a mid week date night.