Contest: Metric at the Ryman

Our awesome friends at AEG TMG are on a roll when it comes to generosity, because they’re letting us have ANOTHER contest! This time we’re giving away tickets to see the oh-so-wonderful Metric at the beautiful Ryman Auditorium next Friday, 9/14!

As usual, all you have to do to get an entry is comment on this blog post with your favorite thing about Canada! Hey, they’re Canadian, and Canada is pretty rad.

Want an even bigger chance to win? Post a picture on our Facebook page of yourself with something Canadian or doing something Canadian. People, I want photoshopped pics of you riding a moose with a member of the Mounted Patrol while chugging maple syrup. 

Any pic will get you entered 5 extra times, but if you make me laugh or go all out you’ll probably find you name in the hat a few extra times.

I’m picking a winner next Tuesday, 9/11 so GO!



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  • crackerjen


  • Barry

    Sad Keanu.

  • A_Cho

    For one, I have family and friends in Canada (Ontario and Alberta). Secondly, the people are so lovely and warm and friendly. Thirdly, … QUEBEC!

  • Jackie Zweck

    Canadian, hockey playing, bearded lumber jacks. Enough said…typed.

  • Juliana

    so many good memories of canada, including horse and buggy rides, totem poles, and maple syrup…maybe even all at once. 

  • Zackary Martin

    Old School Degrassi.

  • Carly Myracle

    Maple dipped donuts and a double double from Tim Horton’s!

  • Joeltimen

    Metric and whistler!!!

  • attic salt

    Niagara Falls  (the Canadian side)

  • Amosmorgan

    Molson beer

  • Samuel B.

    Beautiful scenery in British Columbia and great hockey history in Montreal and Toronto!

  • Diandra

    Gorgeous scenery and diverse culture!! People from all walks!

  • Mintaburst

    Niagara Falls and hockey all the way… and maple donuts. *Homer drool* 

  • Steph

    Kevin Drew, of Broken Social Scene, is my favorite thing about Canada. Without his keen ear and eye, we may have never known the voices of Leslie Feist (Feist), Emily Haines (Metric) and Amy Milan (Stars)

  • Katy

    Drake in a wheelchair!

  • Lumpy_lump_in_my_oatmeal

    Ahhh this is so awesome!  I fell in love with Canada, and specifically Montreal, when I went there last year for a conference.  It’s a goal of mine to eventually move there, once I finish grad school and get over the fact that I’ll have to deal with snow and colder temperatures!  Some favorite things about Canada: poutine with it’s squeaky cheese curds and delicious fries, John Fluevog Shoes (the funkiest/comfiest shoes), and awesome bands/artists like Metric and Tegan & Sara!  Also, this is obvious, but Canadian maple syrup is one of the best things on earth!

  • Emilymorganl

    Candy made from maple syrup, in the shape of Maple Leaves! And I like that Biber kid. 

  • Stephanie Brooke

    My favorite thing Canadian is Montreal….I need to go back

  • Kate Warach

    Alanis Morissette when she was on Weeds!! (hmm…can’t get my name up there. It’s Kate, though)

  • Pele6363

    Kevin Bieksa. Buff said.

  • Kathleen

    Robin Sparkles and this song:

  • Jason

    How has no one said anything about beavers or “fur trading”? Fine, I will! 

  • bennicroft

    My dad was born there! …and my dad is awesome!

  • J.D.

    Snowshoe, the “Old King Clancy” sex act, and collecting Harvey’s trays. No? Ok then… maple syrup!

  • Katy

    Anne Murray

  • nashforfree

    You win! Email me at with you name so I can actually put the tickets under someone’s name. 

  • Metric!