Get Discounted Titans and Vanderbilt Football Tickets on ScoreBig

What if I could say that I can promise that I can save you 30% or more on football tickets in Nashville? Heck, I can save you 30% on tickets all over the country RIGHT NOW.

I’ve just partnered with ScoreBig, a website that allows people to name their price on tickets. Instead of going through third party vendors (read: scalpers), you can buy tickets from the source at a discount. You pick your section, you see what percent off tickets most people have gotten, and you name your price. If your price gets accepted then you buy those seats.

And you just saved money without a scalper.

To get that guaranteed 30% off, you have to go through me. I’ll be honest, if you sign up and purchase through my link you’ll be supporting this blog. And you want this blog to stick around, right? But don’t worry, I’ve actually used ScoreBig before, and it works.

>> Click here to get promised 30% off tickets.

The offer expires 9/13 and only applies to orders under $300. Of course, you don’t have to click my link to buy tickets, but I’d sure appreciate it. You can also save by using the code NASH30 at checkout. Oh, and the best part? No fees.

Oh, and hockey fans, they’re also working to get some Preds tickets up!

Enjoy your football!



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