2012 Nashville Fringe Festival

The 2012 Nashville Fringe Festival is in full swing this week, and I’m a little sad that I didn’t hear about it earlier. According to their website, the NFF is a “celebration of the arts featuring music, dance, crafts, spoken word, film, performance art of all varieties, and street entertainment in our very own Nashville, Tennessee,” which sounds like a pretty great cause to me.

If you’ve flipped through the Weekly Highlights you undoubtedly saw several of their events, but I’ve decided to compile them all in one place. Happily, most of their events are totally free! Here’s the list:

Tuesday, 6/26
Jazz Night at at Nine48Jazz House (948 35th Ave N) – 7pm
There will be art, music, dance, crafts, spoken word, and more. Performers include Aspene Taylor Jazz Quartet, Centennial Hiptet, Geoff Pfeifer Quartet.

Thursday, 6/28
Film Night at East Side  Performing Artist’s Co-op – 8pm
Tonight that Nashville Fringe Festival will be screening the documentary Cleanflix. It will be presented by Kevin Kazlauskas.  The film is a “powerful, poignant and balanced exploration into the debate of creative control between the customer and the creator.”

Friday, 6/29
Jack Silverman Ordeal w/ Sarah Brown at the Family Wash – 9pm
From the official bio: After being dropped on his head as a small child, Jack Silverman was dropped on his head as a teenager. Not long thereafter, he was dropped on his head once more, then again in his mid-20s. Jack managed to make it through the next decade without being dropped on his head, but then was dropped on his head three times in rapid succession. Shortly thereafter, he began the Jack Silverman Ordeal, which, not surprisingly, is often described as the musical equivalent of being dropped on your head. Protective headgear recommended.

Saturday, 6/29
Dance and Guitar Master Class Workshop at The Rutledge – 2pm
The Nashville Fringe Festival presents Dance and Guitar, Master Class/Workshop, Transposition taught by Megan Harrold and Charlie Rauh. This is a free and family friendly event!



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