Spring 2012 Fashion Show Event hosted by Tim Gunn at the Green Hills Mall

I have to admit, I’ve fallen out a bit with reality TV, even genuinely awesome programs like Project Runway. One thing that truly ruled about that show was Tim Gunn. Come on, everyone knows who the real star of that show is. No one ever quotes the contestants or Heidi. Nope, you just hear people say “make it work, make it work, make it work.”

This Saturday from 1-3pm Tim Gunn will be at the Green Hills Mall for Fashion Week to debut the Juicy Couture, kate spade new york and Lucky Brand Spring 2012 Collections in a live runway show.

That’s the free part. If you want to meet him and get your picture taken with him without paying a dime, then you’re out of luck. You see, there will be a professional photographer there who will take a picture of you and Mr. Gunn…but you have to spend something like $150 at one of the featured stores. It’s not exactly hard to do so at any of those stores, but that’s why I don’t shop there.

But whatever you do, if you end up meeting Tim Gunn, please don’t be that person who goes up to him and yells “MAKE IT WORK!!!”



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