Westbound Rangers at 3rd and Lindsley

29 Feb

If you haven’t heard the Westbound Rangers yet then you must not get out to a lot of the free and cheap music shows in Nashville. I mean, these guys get around. From Musicians Corner to Music City Roots to their own shows, these guys have performed their special brand of bluegrass all over Nashville.

But here’s your chance to redeem yourself if you haven’t seen them and relive the awesomeness if you have. Tonight at 7pm Westbound Rangers are playing a free show at 3rd and Lindsley to celebrate their fourth birthday (happy birthday!). Yup, totally free. That means you get to see some fantastic traditional bluegrass played by some talented young dudes around a single mic.

This isn’t your great-grandfather’s bluegrass, but he’d probably really enjoy it. It’s all about musicianship and the songs for the Westbound Rangers, and you have to give them props for that.

-Emily Harris