The Great Escape One Dollar CD Blowout Sale

17 Feb

If you didn’t already know that The Great Escape is one of the best places in Nashville to get inexpensive CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, comic books, and more, then I feel terrible for all the money you haven’t saved. But I’m here to enlighten you to the cheap side, so I’m going to do my job and let you know that this Saturday, the 18th, The Great Escape is having a HUGE blowout sale where many of their CDs will be priced at a hard-to-beat ONE DOLLAR.

Details are slim, but expect to be doing some digging at The Great Escape’s Charlotte location this weekend. According to their email they’ll have thousands and thousands of CDs for sale, including brand new stuff that just never made it onto the racks, warehouse stuff, and CDs that are normally priced up to $8.99. I’d suggest getting there early, because you know what they say – the early bird gets all of those advanced copies of Merge and Beggars releases that he or she has always been meaning to buy but just hasn’t. Also, come back during the day, because they’ll keep restocking throughout the day.

The store opens at 10am and the sale lasts all day.

Happy digging!