Mercy Lounge’s 9th Anniversary Weekend Celebration

The Mercy Lounge‘s birthday parties are always great because THEY give US stuff. Dolly Parton giving us a water park on her birthday is hard to beat, but Mercy Lounge has an awesome lineup of free shows tonight and Saturday night that’ll rock your proverbial socks off.

Tonight’s lineup will feature How I Became the Bomb, Cheer Up Charlie Daniels, Kyle Andrews, Ponychase, Wild Cub featuring Keegan Dewitt and members of Pico vs. Island Trees, ReLapse, and more. Sorry youngin’s, but it’s 21+.

However, it’s Saturday’s lineup that holds a special place in my heart. Heypenny, Evan P. Donohue, The Nobility, Escondido featuring Tyler James, and ReLapse will all be there, but in my humble opinion the fact that Mayhem will be performing Elvis Costello’s excellent This Year’s Model more than makes the lineup perfect. It will be epic.

Happy birthday Mercy Lounge! We love you dearly over here at N4F and wish you many more excellent birthdays to come.



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