Scene Report: Better Trivia

There are quite a few different trivia nights in Nashville, and everyone has a favorite. What you may not know, however, is that a lot of these trivia events are hosted by the same company at different bars. To the best of my knowledge the big three are Trivia Time, Geeks Who Drink, and Better Trivia. All of these companies run the trivia at several different bars in Nashville. If you’ve been to a trivia night in the past year, chances are one of them ran it.

I’ve been to trivia hosted by all of them (my trivia nerdom started with Academic Team in high school), and while I think I prefer Geeks Who Drink my friends and I are far more likely to hit up a game by Better Trivia. The games are shorter than Geeks Who Drink (while you still get in a lot of questions) and there’s one in closer proximity to some of us, so there ya go.

The questions are usually pretty good, minus the always excruciating final wager. There are tons of opportunities to win free beer via an “impossible question” where the best you’ll ever be able to do is offer up an educated guess, and if you win the whole shebang you’ll get a $30 gift card. Second place gets $20, third gets $10. Just make sure you keep track of your points, because I’ve caught them on a few mistakes.

Last night, for the first time ever, our team actually won. We surprisingly won by a lot, too. Thanks in a large part to one member’s love of rap and the fact that I for some weird reason know that Neil Diamond used to fence at NYU. Oh yeah, and if you ever plan on attending make sure you follow them on Facebook because they always give a pretty big clue to one of their questions, and since most games are won by a matter of a few points you should really take what you can get.

Better Trivia is held on Tuesdays at 7:30pm at the following locations:
Cross Corner in Brentwood
Sportsman’s Grille in Hillsboro Village (upstairs)



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