Rock n Roll Trivia at the Mercy Lounge

9 Jan

I don’t really know what happened to Rock’n’Roll Trivia. It used to be a weekly occurrence, then not exactly weekly, and now it only seems to come out for special occasions. I understand; keeping a trivia game going is a TON of work, but it gave music geeks a place to show off their incredible knowledge of musical minutia. So if you’ve had a hole in your heart shaped like a trivia score sheet then you’re in luck, because Rock’n’Roll Trivia is coming back for a whole month!

It’s been moved to Tuesdays and will now be held at the back bar, but it’s still the same nerd-fest you remember. Some questions are insanely difficult, but nothing worth winning is easy. And yes, you do win stuff at Rock’n’Roll Trivia. First place gets $50 bar tab, second place gets $25, and third place gets $10. There are usually other prizes as well, including something for best wrong answer.

As always, trivia itself is free, parking is free, and there will be drink specials. So gather up your music nerd friends (and a few people who listen to Top 40 because they WILL help you at one point), follow Rock’n’Roll Trivia on Twitter, and head on over to the Mercy Lounge at 6:30 every Tuesday this month.