Free Chipotle (When You Buy Some Gift Cards)

Gift cards have a pretty bad reputation as far as gift-giving goes, and I don’t know why. Unless it’s to Movie Gallery or Hustler or some other place that I straight-up will not or cannot go to I’m pretty jazzed. Other than music related gift cards my absolute favorites are restaurants, especially Mexican restaurants. And you know what, I don’t feel particularly bad about giving gift cards either.

If you’re looking to do a bunch of your holiday shopping via gift cards I highly recommend hitting up Chipotle, and not just because I personally love Chipotle. It’s because they’re currently running a promotion where if you buy $30 worth of gift cards you get a free entree. Spend $60 and get two free entrees, and so on! The promotion runs until the 24th of the month, so all of you procrastinators can rejoice.

Because really, the best Christmas gifts are ones that are also gifts to you, right?



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