Free Mas Tacos from Scoutmob

They’ve given us free hot dogs, free pizza, and free baked good from some of the best, coolest restaurants in town, but now Scoutmob, you’ve really outdone yourself on this one. A free taco Mas Tacos from their brick and mortar storefront in East Nashville? As if my week couldn’t get any better!

All you have to do to get the free taco from Mas Tacos is go to the free Scoutmob app on your smart phone or visit their website, show the fine folks at Mas Tacos, and get your free grub. I’ve never had a Mas Taco item that I really haven’t liked, but I recommend the fish. Highly. And grab yourself some elote if they have it. The deal is only good until December 11th, so make sure you get on that!

Here’s a note on Scoutmob while I’m at it. It’s one of those daily deal sites, but it’s the only one that doesn’t take your money. You get a 50-100% coupon for a cool place, but you don’t buy it in advance. You just claim it on your smart phone, have Scoutmob send you a text or email with a special code, and give that to the vendor. Pretty snazzy. But if you’re wondering how it works, the vendor usually pays money for every deal claimed and every deal use, so please don’t claim the deal unless you really plan on using it so the business doesn’t get slammed.

Thanks again Scoutmob! I hope you continue to bring awesomness to Nashville.



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