Scene Reports: Muppets Early Screening

The Muppets haven’t been on TV for years, but everyone still has a favorite character. I, for one, favor Beaker while my friends are fond of Gonzo, Statler and Waldorf, and Animal. They’re comforting, they’re familiar, and they’re hilarious.

It’s been awhile, but The Muppets are back! With a movie! That weirdly has Jason Segal in it (can you really be in a kid movie after Forgetting Sarah Marshall?). As a lover of Muppets you can understand how pumped I was when I was given a pass to a free pre-screening of the new movie last night!

My friend got the hook-up through work, but according to a guy named Phil who was in line behind us this site called gofobo has information on several free screenings, including two in the next four days. Some screenings are open and some are closed, but according to Phil from the line if you get there early enough you can usually find an extra free ticket.

But back to the Muppets movie! It was pretty good, I think kids would enjoy seeing muppets and the songs, and there were PLENTY of 80s references and cameos from famous actors to keep adults entertained. But honestly, when it comes to movies I’m pretty easily pleased by anything halfway smart, and the Muppets movie was.

I’d keep an eye on that gofobo website for future movie screenings. They’re free and make a great week night out.



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