Science Cafe: The Elephant Sanctuary

It’s not a lecture, it’s a scientific discussion led by an expert. This month’s topic is The Elephant Sanctuary. Come learn about the unique lives of elephants and sit down with experts from The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tenn. The sanctuary is home to 14 African and Asian elephants on its 2700+ acre site. They’ll discuss why Tennessee turns out to be a good location for elephants, why they have only female elephants, how elephants communicate, why they don’t allow public viewing and more. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover more about these magnificent animals.

The discussion will be led by Robert Atkinson, who joined the sanctuary in September 2010. He has also served as the Head of Wildlife for the United Kingdom’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and has a degree in zoology from London University and worked through his master’s and a doctorate at Oxford. The guy has worked with captive elephants since 1982 so he obviously knows his stuff and has a love for elephants.

It’ll take place at 7pm at the Adventure Science Center (not Fido).



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