Scene Report: Brite Revolution

7 Nov

Music discovery platforms are a dime a dozen. Some of them are better than others – that goes without saying. The best ones all have something in common though. You see, they’re more selective in the music they feature on their sites, so the music they send you is actually good, because it was basically hand-picked for you.

Which leads me to Brite Revolution. Brite Revolution is a music discovery site/magazine based right out of our dear city. Their site, which is free to join, features free music from some of the artists you love (Avett Brothers) as well as some bands that will become your favorites (Humming House). You’ll join for one band and will stay for the bands you discover.

But Brite Revolution has even more than just songs from the artists, there’s also original content including videos, interviews, live performances and more. And since Brite is local a lot of the music they feature is local too!

It’s a really cool site that I wholly suggest checking out, and I’ve heard that they have plans to create even more content designed to get you even more involved and social in regards to music discovery.