V for Vendetta Screening at Belmont’s MBC 103

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November. Probably sounds familiar. That’s right y’all, it’s Guy Fawkes Night.

There are really two ways you know this. Either you’re really into Guy Fawkes in general or , if you’re like me, your friends were obsessed with V for Vendetta when it came out. I mean, it’s not hard to see why! Dystopia, treason, explosions, fire, Natalie Portman, this movie has everything.

But obviously we’re not in the UK, so it’s not like we actually celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. Well, actually, they do at Belmont University. They don’t shoot off fireworks, but every year The James Madison Society hosts a screening of V for Vendetta followed by a discussion of how the film relates to democracy today. The movie will be shown tonight at 6pm at Belmont’s Massey Business Center room 103. You can get to MBC pretty easily from Wedgewood if you’re not a student at Belmont. There should be plenty of guest parking right out front. If all else fails, ask a student (but ask nicely).



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