The Ancient Egyptian Mummy: A Defense Against Tomb Robbery

Haven’t you heard? The Frist has two really cool exhibits right now, and one of them involves ancient Egypt and mummies! As usual the Frist is hosting a few events to add to the experience of the exhibit, one of which is a lecture tonight at 6:30pm. It involves mummies and tomb robbery.

Sadly this isn’t about Indiana Jones, but it should still be pretty good. Here’s the gist: everyone knows that Egyptians went to extreme lengths to preserve bodies – it’s what mummification was all about. But why? Let’s see what the official event description has to say…

In this talk, Egyptologist Dr. Kara Cooney, star of Planet Green’s “Out of Egypt” and consultant to the TV series “Lost,” will suggest that this degree of body preservation became popular because of the increased risk of tomb robbery. Investments in mummification may have provided psychological security for elites who intended to perfectly preserve for eternity the flesh and bones of the deceased, even if all their burial goods were stolen.

In case you stopped reading at the word “Lost” because you got overly excited and had to lay down, Cooney is going to explain why she thinks Egyptians went nuts over preservation. And it’s not so they could walk around museums with the night guards either.


P.S., is it just me, or does it seem like this would have been an appropriate event for Halloween or the week preceding Halloween?


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