Megabus is Coming! Megabus is Coming!

Sometimes it’s the little things (or little trips) that are the most exciting. Things like transportation to Atlanta or Chatanooga for as little as $1. Other than bumming a ride off of someone or hitch-hiking that HAS to be impossible, right? And free wi-fi and outlets for your computer, that’s just not a thing, right?

Wrong! Well, starting next month you’ll be wrong, because the Chicago-based Megabus is coming to Nashville! That’s right, the company that will get you from one city to another for between $1 and $20 depending on how much you procrastinate is adding a hub in Atlanta and, as a result, is coming to Nashville!

I’ve never taken Megabus, but I have taken the very similar Bolt Bus, and it’s a pretty solid experience, especially when you consider how cheap it is (compare that to $54-$70 on Greyhound). There is even free wifi and there are electric outlets for your laptop or whatever, which makes the trips go by so quickly. Well, if the wi-fi doesn’t work then it isn’t as fast, and keep in mind that the buses are sometimes late. Hey, but it’s really cheap.

How is it so cheap? Well, for one, they don’t have a hub like Greyhound, they just pick you up on street corners or in shopping centers. In Nashville the pick-up points are from the Ramada at 303 Interstate Drive in east Nashville and the north side of Commerce Street at the corner of 5th Avenue North in downtown Nashville.

Oh, one more thing. To celebrate the new hub in Atlanta (which opens November 16th), Megabus is giving away 10,000 (!!!) free seats for passengers who book online at using the code ATL10K. And in case you were wondering where you could go from Atlanta, the answer is Birmingham, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Memphis, Mobile, Montgomery, and Orlando.