Free Wine Tastings on Saturdays at Midtown

There is one thing better than booze and that’s free booze. Last Saturday, I took the LSAT and having finished after months of studying, worrying and sharpening #2 pencils, a couple friends and I decided to celebrate with some champagne. Little did we know, our already good idea of stopping by Midtown Wine and Spirits turned out to be a GREAT idea.

As it turns out, every Saturday, Midtown offers free wine tastings of four different varieties of wine. The man serving us was very knowledgeable and well informed about wine and was able to tell us all about what he was serving as well as all about what champagnes they had in stock.

The wine tastings are every Saturday from 2 pm-7 pm and if you want to check ahead of time what they’re offering you can find information here. While I wouldn’t make a special trip out to Midtown, located on Church Street around where Play and the Post office are, if you’re in the area anyway or are in need of a liquor run on a Saturday, it’s definitely worth stopping by.

What: Free wine!
Where: Midtown Wine and Spirits
When: Saturdays, 2 pm- 7 pm