8 off 8th’s REM Tribute Edition

17 Oct

September 21st 2011 was a sad day for fans of rock’n’roll. It may forever be known as the day REM broke up. People wept. People tore at their hair and banged on their chest in sorry. A lot of people were indifferent or just thought “bummer dude,” or “I thought they broke up a long time ago,” but some people were really upset!

Regardless of your reaction to the news you have to admit that REM put out some pretty solid music during their time together and they influenced a lot of musicians.

And that is why a few brilliant thinkers decided to throw a big old REM tribute show during the Mercy Lounge’s weekly free 8 off 8th. The Stateside Menace, Emily DeLoach, Ugli Stick, It Crawled From the South, Mayhem, Tom Schreck, Kyle Christopher, and Black River Falls will all be showing their appreciation for REM the only way musicians know how: by playing their songs.

As usual, thing will get started at 9pm and the event is 21+. Enjoy!