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Did you hear about the Americana Festival? It’s a big year for them because it’s the first year Oxford has recognized the word Americana as a really one. Suck it, spell check, I’ve been right all along!

Well, the festival started last night, and so far it’s off to a pretty great start. The swag bags are legit, the music is awesome, and at $50 for a four-day pass it’s pretty damn affordable for what you get. But I have good news for those of you who couldn’t quite make the commitment to shell out $50 for the best music genre. You see, there are some official and not-so-official Americana events happening this week, so you can still get your fix of that catch-all genre you love so much.

Let’s start with Grimey’s. This Saturday from 10am-8pm Grimey’s is mashing their fall outdoor sale and their annual Americanarama into one day of cheap records and CDs and excellent live Americana. Performers include our good friend Paul Burch, Hymn for Her, Glossary, Shivering Timbers, and more. There will even be some sweet DJ sets including one by the Record Wranglers. So bring your cash money (for the records!) and brave the crowds at Grimey’s for a few hours this Saturday. Oh, and Mas Tacos and Yazoo will be there, so you know it’s a party.

Next up is Musician’s Corner. As previously mentioned in the Weekly Highlights this week’s show is Americana-flavored and will feature sets from Brian Wright (who I highly recommend), Nanci Griffith, Ben Sollee, Peter Cooper, Eric Brace, and Jim Lauderdale. There will also be a tribute to the great Tom T. Hall with Peter Cooper. As always there will be vendors, food truck, etc. As always it’s in Centennial Park from 3-6pm.

Finally we shall talk about the Thirty Tigers party at the Hard Rock Cafe Saturday from 5-8pm. No AMA badge is necessary for this either, even though it’s the most official (I guess) of these events. Performers will include Amy Speace, Nikki Lane, Garland Jeffreys, Rual Malo, and Chuck Mead. There may be food. I hope there will be food. They Thirty Tigers, please make sure there is food.

That’s one full day of Americana, but if you want to hit up any of the other shows it’s sure to be a good time. It’s $15 for single shows except at the Mercy Lounge/Cannery where it’s $20 (but you get into both venues).



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