Blame Canada! A Tribute to the Music of the Great White North

You can’t look me straight in the eyes and tell me that there’s no great music from Canada. You’d simply be wrong, and you’d know it. Be you a fan of Rush, Neil Young, or Alanis everyone has a musical favorite that hails from our neighbor to the north. It may be a guilty pleasure, but if you know all the words it’s not an ironic love anymore, it’s genuine. I could insert a bunch of Canadian jokes here, but I won’t. Yet.

I’m not busting out the bad jokes because you’re going to hear enough of it tonight. Tonight is the Mercy Lounge’s annual Canadian-themed 8 off 8th entitled: Blame Canada! A Tribute to the Music of the Great White North. You’re gonna hear Rush. You’re gonna hear Loverboy. You’re going to hear all kinds of awesome and awesomely terrible (but you know you still kind of like it) Canadian pop music. Hats with ear flaps are preferred, but really inappropriate for this weather.

But why does the Mercy Lounge do this every year? Are they celebrating a holiday that only exists in Canada? Are they secretly Canadians (get it)? I have no idea, but who knows, you might be singing “O Canada” and planning your next ice-fishing expedition by the time the evening is over.



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  • Dave

    “Are they celebrating a holiday that only exists in Canada?”    –   Yes.   it’s thanksgiving up there this weekend.  


  • Anonymous

    Ah yes, that’s the one. I actually realized that this morning when my Canadian friends were talking about it on Twitter. Thanks!