Contest: My Morning Jacket at Commodore Quake

The other day some fine folks at Commodore Quake approached us. They said “would you like to do a contest to give away My Morning Jacket tickets for their show on October 20th at Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gymnasium?” Our response was a solid HECK YES!

Even if you only know MMJ from Guitar Hero then you probably know that these dudes rock. They play epic shows and are especially famous for their 4 hour late night rainy set at Bonnaroo in 2008. They are modern rock gods despite their lack of radio support. And that is why we’re so pumped to bring you all this contest.

Here’s how to enter: to get one measly drop of your name in the hat then comment on this blog post telling us your favorite MMJ moment but please don’t beg (it’s unbecoming of a rock fan) using your real name. Sorry DragonLuver81, you are not going to win this contest unless you tell everyone that your real name is Eugene Greer. Also, if you don’t sign up through FB or Twitter make sure your email address is valid.

But this wouldn’t be a N4F contest without a bonus step! To get your named dropped into the proverbial hat five extra times then post a picture on our Facebook wall of you enjoying some glowsticks. Why glowsticks? Well, I’ve seen MMJ a few times and each time people throw freaking glowsticks EVERYWHERE. It’s AWESOME. Don’t have any glowsticks? That’s what Photoshop and Paint are for. Remember, you’re promised an extra five entries, but if you make us double over in laughter chances are we’ll toss your name in that hat a few extra times. Seriously, people who do this step win 90% of the time. It’s basic math, people.

I’ll announce a winner next Monday evening, October the 10th. Get cracking, people! MMJ awaits!!!



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  • dylan fogle

    My fav MMJ moment would be my wife and I enjoying the show at Vanderbilt!

  • William Ryan

    I’m Amazed from Evil Urges LP. Bonnaroo 2008, MMJ in the rain, a highlight of my life.

  • Alyssa Rabun

    December 31, 2008 Madison Square Garden…MMJ ushered in the New Year with style…my resolution that year? See every one of their shows from that day forward…

  • Roseland Ballroom. NYC. 11/30/06. Curtain drops at beginning of One Big Holiday.

  • I saw them in their hometown of Louisville once. It was awesome.

  • Cameron Hoffmeyer

    MMJ… Downtown Nashville in ’08… Fireworks going off in the background from the Titans game… Incredible!

  • All of ’em.

  • Brittany Ulrich

    Most DEFINITELY seeing them at Hangout Festival in May as they opened with “Victory Dance” and sang “setting suuuuun” as in fact the sun was setting over the gulf….epic and unforgettable! 🙂

  • Rob Baker

    Yim climbing the light rigs, fireworks in the background, downtown Nashville. Unbelievable

  • Samantha Oxendine

    My favorite MMJ moment was here in Nashville at The War Memorial Auditorium. The sound there was bad but it was such a fun night. I got hit in the head with so many glowsticks – lol 🙂

  • Kaylavance

    I saw them at my first music festival this past May! Hangout Fest and MMJ is an amazing combination!

  • Taylahyatt

    MMJ at Bonnaroo 2011. I think I might have slightly fallen in love with everyone that was at the main stage that night and I’m surprisingly okay with it. Thank you, MMJ.

  • Anonymous

    The first time I heard MMJ was on a friend’s porch in Chattanooga…Wordless Chorus came on, my eyes lit up and I had to ask what it was! Hadn’t heard anything like it in quite awhile. I’ve been a fan ever since

  • Adam

    Seeing MMJ for the first time at the Ryman Auditorium in 2006…3rd row was fantastic

  • Bonnaroo ’11 … it is the only reason Bonnaroo was acceptable this year.

  • My favorite moment of MMJ was their performance of “Hold Onto Black Metal” with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Bonnaroo ’11. Here’s me and my sister with our glowsticks at the show:

  • Chuckarnold

    My favorite MMJ experience? At the Ryman. After a monster dinner and a bottle of wine at the then open Zola, my then girlfriend now wife put up with me swaying to the sweet sounds of Jim James and the boys. Great show for sure.

  • Favorite moment: Watching YOutube movies. waiting for Vandy concert to see live!  -Daniel Pereira

  • Deepa Parsh

    Blasting them through the speakers on road trips with friends.

  • BenJones

    I first saw them at Lollapalooza ’06. I was in the crowd by myself, and some random guy comes up to me and asks, “You ever seen these guys?” 
    I reply, “No.”
    “Get ready”
    Then Jim James runs off stage, runs back onstage, does a flying kick, and then busts into chorus of Wordless Chorus

  • Justinhumbert

    I loved seeing these guys at the Ryman a few years back.  They said they were nervous to play the Ryman, but they made it through it because the stairs said they were made in Louisville Ky. 

  • AHH! I am so glad you mentioned the “4 hour late night rainy set at Bonnaroo in 2008” because I was there – for every rainy moment…I vividly remember having glowsticks in my hair and on my feet. My camelback was sucked dry and everyone wanted to go back to the tent. I said NO! My Morning Jacket is going on and I am staying! I was soo thirsty and wouldn’t dare leave my spot – so I had my camelback top open and was trying to catch raindrops to fill it up…err…don’t ask…it’s Bonnaroo, people! ; ) Anyways I have never felt such a happy oblivion of being covered in mud and rocking out to amazing music. It’s one of those: this is so ridiculous but I don’t care moments. Life is good and My Morning Jacket may be ever better.

  • Adrianna Flax

    Bonaroo 2011!

  • matthew johnstone

    I have not had the pleasure of seeing these beasts, save vid type shows (recommended- black cab session), but fayvreet moments occur at 3:30 of O Is The One That Is Real, 5:55 of Don Dante, 3:46 of Off The Record, 4:40 of If It Smashes Down, 1:06 of Wordless Chorus, 7:40 of I Will Sing You Songs, aaaaand 3:04 of Lay Low.

  • the four hour set at Bonnaroo, 2008, was pretty epic.  They’re from Louisville, KY you know (me too)~!

  • My favorite MMJ moment would have to be the fact that the first song I listened to when I got my license was “Amazing”. My boyfriend at the time burned me a cd entitled “Driving mix” and that was number one. Also, I only caught the end of MMJ at Bonnaroo this year due to conflictions and I would love to see a whole show! I’m already off work on the 20th… 😉

  • Dapper

    That Bonnaroo set was unbelievable! Also, Is Eugene Greer in reference to Dexter?

  • Liz Futrell

    My best personal MMJ moment was seeing them live at Hangout back in May. It was my first MMJ concert and I loved experiencing the show while hanging out in the sand on a beautiful beach in the Gulf. Jamming out to “One Big Holiday” at the beach it felt like it was truly the most perfect place for this song and this performance.

  • Larry Lehmann

    seeing them at bonnaroo during there 6 hour set. wow “epic”. I have seem them many timeas and neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I had the opportunity of seeing them, my favorite band also, in Alpharetta, Georgia back in August, and was in a constant euphoric state the entire time. Such an incredible live band, with huge stage presence. They are amazing! 

  • Lindsey Borders

    I had the opportunity of seeing them, my favorite band also, in Alpharetta, Georgia back in August, and was in a constant euphoric state the entire time. Such an incredible live band, with huge stage presence. They are amazing!

  • Ms Kayla King

    My favorite MMJ moment was seeing them for the first time on “The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon.” Even though I was not there in the flesh, their performance made me a fan.

  • all 5 nights of T5!!!.. does that mean i get 25 extra names in that hat??

  • Chris Byers

    I went to Hangout Festival this year with my girlfriend not knowing I would see such an amazing show when MMJ took the stage. My knowledge of MMJ up to this point had been limited to the repeated listening of a random assortment of songs that my girlfriend had an affinity for. The show included some of those and most notably, the premiere of some Circuital songs. Their performance over a setting sun was just perfect.

  • All of the glitter at Bonnaroo 2011. It was the most beautiful moment. Thanks MMJ!

  • Anonymous

    I have a great friend who is obsessed in the best way possible with MMJ. Her obsession has spread to me and earlier this year we both got to see MMJ for the first time. They put on one amazing show. We both want to go see this show, but floor tickets sold out before we got a chance to buy them. It’d be incredible if we could go see MMJ again at this show by winning tickets.

  • Anonymous

    If you mean Terminal 5 in NYC then NEGATIVE POINTS! I hate that place. But that’s a story for a never time. 

  • Anonymous

    I remember that, those things falling from the sky. Epic. 

  • Anonymous

    Wish I’d been there…

  • Anonymous

    Sounds amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the sound was bad, but it was a fun night!

  • Anonymous

    That makes me incredibly envious. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, I wouldn’t say it was the ONLY reason, but it was pretty sweet. You should’ve seen Bootsy’s set at the Other Tent. T’was a blast. 

  • Anonymous

    Glowsticks + MMJ really do make for a perfect match. 

  • Anonymous