Ten out of Tenn in-store at Grimey’s

Seriously Grimey’s, you all are just too kind to us. The past few weeks you’ve had some pretty sweet in-stores, and yesterday you went and announced about a bajillion more, including a last minute one for today. And that last minute in-store isn’t just any local group, it’s freaking Ten out of Tenn.

Okay, maybe it isn’t all ten of the members, but Katie, Matthew, Andrew and Trent will be at Grimey’s at 6pm to warm up for their free set later on at Public Square Park for Live at the Green. So if you prefer small and intimate to big and downtown and like to browse for records during and before the set and meet the performers afterwards then hit up this in-store. Things will get started at Grimey’s around 6pm, but if you want a good spot you should probably get there early.



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