And the Arctic Monkeys ticket winner is….

I love these contests. They provide me with some much wonderful entertainment, especially when people actually do the bonus step. And how many times do I have to tell you people, it makes a huge difference. Once again, our ticket winner participated in the bonus step, as seen in the big photo here. Congratulations Megan French, your minimal Photoshop skills helped you win tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville! And a poster! Wahoo!

Again, big thanks to our friends at AEG Live. And don’t feel too sad if you didn’t win the tickets. The thing isn’t sold out, and if you buy your tickets to the show at Grimey’s I hear that they’ll give you the poster that Megan won. Also, I recommend checking out AEG Live on Facebook or Twitter, because they’re known to do contests of their own (and they don’t make you get into the mindset of a monkey).

And just for kicks and since they were all most excellent, here are the rest of the pics from the bonus step:


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