2-4-1 Tuesdays: Apps to Get You Drunk

2-4-1 Tuesdays is a weekly feature on Nashville for Free highlighting local happy hours and other drink specials, delivered every Tuesday afternoon. If you hear of any great deals or would like to see your favorite bar covered, let us know in the comments. Drink responsibly!

If you’re one of the 40% of Americans with a smartphone, chances are you’re glued to it as if your life depended on checking Twitter every five minutes. It’s a game changer. Supposedly these devices are making us more productive, but let’s be honest: how many hours/days have we wasted on Angry Birds? So let’s throw productivity out the door for a minute and talk about the gift that keeps on giving: happy hour.

There’s an app for pretty much anything, so why not keep us up posted on local drink specials? There are two popular apps right now that offer this to Nashville and the rest of the country: Great Owl Technologies’ DrinkOwl and GoTime’s Happy Hours. They both provide relatively the same information, with Happy Hours available on more devices and DrinkOwl including retailers and coupons, in addition to their drink specials. On both, you can look on the map to see which happy hour is closest to you, and Happy Hours will even pick one for you with its “shake” functionality.

Personally, DrinkOwl hooked me with its cute mascot (top right) and a seamless design. Neither app allows user-submitted specials–relying instead on business owners to report their deals to the services. This is great for accuracy but results in a limited directory, particularly in the Nashville area. Of course, this database will only continue to grow and these apps are already great additions to your 2-4-1 Tuesday knowledge base.


DrinkOwl: app store, android market

Happy Hours: app store, android market, blackberry, mobile web

Drink on!

– Matt