Dance Performance: Company Rose’s Serendipity 2

You might recall that Company Rose has done a few free performances at the Frist, and this is another one. Tonight they’re performing Serendipity 2, and since I find dance to be one of those things that is really hard to write about I’ll just quote the official event description:

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s work, in which objects, ideas, techniques, and people were combined to create spontaneous, but reproducible artworks and performances, Company Rose will create a space in the Frist that unites movements, sounds, styles, and images from Warhol’s worlds. Combining such influences as Merce Cunningham, John Cage, the Velvet Underground, Judy Garland, Debby Harry, and Elvis Presley, Company Rose has created a journey from the modern to the postmodern, from New York to Nashville, from Warhol to us.

There you have it. It should be cool, and it’s free. It starts at 6:30pm tonight at the Frist.



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