2-4-1 Tuesdays: Time Out Sports Bar

2-4-1 Tuesdays is a weekly feature on Nashville for Free highlighting local happy hours and other drink specials, delivered every Tuesday afternoon. If you hear of any great deals or would like to see your favorite bar covered, let us know in the comments. Drink responsibly!

Y’all, I made a terrible mistake this Friday, and I’m about to recommend that you do it as well. See, an opportunity presented itself at the Time Out Sports Bar up in Brentwood, and I just couldn’t pass it up. FREE BEER FRIDAY. Not even kidding you, from 6 – 8p every Friday you can enjoy an unlimited supply of Nati Light draft for the cost of a generous tip. And if that isn’t “college” enough for you, get this: they serve you with red plastic cups. And they don’t stop there, from 6 – 10p every Friday they have $5 Jager Bombs and 2-4-1 domestic bottles. I think Time Out is on to something…

Now, just this information alone isn’t necessarily dangerous unless acted upon. Getting drunk before 8p isn’t nearly as fun as you might expect it to be (even less fun is throwing up at 8:30p. It wasn’t me, but I’ll take responsibility for it). So remember: just because it’s virtually free doesn’t mean you should drink as much as possible within the allotted time. Or eat some food, first. Or don’t get a Jager Bomb after you’re three cups deep. Just don’t act like a dumbass college student.

EVERY DAY (except Tues): 2-4-1 domestic bottles until 11p

TUES: 2-4-1 domestic bottles until 8p, $10 domestic buckets until 11p

FRI: FREE BEER FRIDAY, free Nati Light from 6 – 8p, $5 Jager Bombs until 10p

– Matt
  • Guest

    Read the online reviews. This place is horrible! Live in apartment complex nearby and someone was just shot there tonight. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!