Amy Stroup in-store

I don’t think that there’s a single Nashvillian that hasn’t heard of Ten out of Tenn, but just in case you haven’t I’ll tell you a little about it. As you might guess, it involves 10 Tennesseans who play and write music. Of course, if you randomly pick 12 Nashvillians out of a crowd 10 of them are probably musicians, but Ten out of Tenn typically has ten really talented songwriters, whereas the random group probably has 6 bad musicians, 2 pretty good ones, and 1 excellent one.

But Ten out of Tenn is not playing an in-store at Grimey’s. But Amy Stroup, a Ten out of Tenn veteran, is.  Her talent goes well beyond her time with Ten out of Tenn, however. She was also featured as one of Prairie Home Companion’s “Top 20 Songwriters Under 30?, won a national Peacemaker Award and had her songs featured on many TV shows such as One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy. Yeah, that’s a pretty impressive resume.

Amy plays a free in-store tonight at Grimey’s at 6pm.



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