ASCAP New Crew and Sons of Summer at the Basement

If there’s only one thing we love about the Basement here at N4F (and trust me, there’s more than one thing to love about the Basement) it’s their plethora of free shows. Every week they have at least one free show – New Faces Nite, but tonight they’re hosting another set of free shows.

Things get started at 6pm with a brand new songwriters’ round from ASCAP: New Crew. It’ll feature performances from some up-and-coming songwriters hand-picked by folks at ASCAP. Some of the performers include Josh Dorr, Brent Ruperts, and Adam Sanders.

The next show starts at 8pm and will feature a special free show from Sons of Summer, some self described “indie pop rockers” that I’m pretty sure I’ve written about before. I listened to one of their songs on their MySpace and it’s pretty good, they seem totally worth checking out, especially for free. If you’re looking for a full night of free music then this is your best bet for the night.



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