Farmers’ Markets

The thing about buying food from the grocery store is that you have no idea where the food comes from. Is that tomato from Tennessee or a sweat-show-esque farm in North Florida? Is that cheese made from happy cows that get to eat grass or sad cows that eat stuff they’re not meant to be eating? Was your apple pie made by man or machine?

If that’s the sort of thing you often lay awake at night thinking about then don’t worry, Whole Foods isn’t your only option – you can also check out one of the many Farmers’ Markets in Nashville. Of course there’s the big one on Rosa Parks, there are other Farmers’ Markets that might land a little closer to home. There’s also a West Nashville Farmers’ Market, an East Nashville Farmers’ Market, and, you guessed it, a South Nashville Farmers’ Market. All of them have local meat, produce, dairy, and more, and since this is Nashville you can pretty much bank on there being live music.

Be sure to check the sites for each of the Farmers’ Markets – they tend to only be open one day a week. West is on Saturdays, South is on Tuesdays, and East is on Wednesdays. If you want to be really really serious you could hit up a different one every day. Rock’n’Roll.

Eat Well.



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