Scene Report: Skrillex Secret Show

Well, the jury’s still out on how secret the party really was. Though Monday night was nowhere to be found on the tour’s schedule, Skrillex tweeted that he was heading to Nashville about 20 hours leading up to the show, and 12th and Porter spilled the beans at around 3pm. Needless to say, they packed out the cafe room way before Skrillex even set foot on stage.

There was some sort of list; I was lucky enough to know the kind and talented dj/blogger over at Nashville Nights (check it out, seriously) who threw me on there, but the show was open to the public as well. Just about everyone that showed up before 11:30 got in, waiting in varying lengths of line throughout the night. Regardless of how you got in or how your found out or how difficult it was to abandon all of your closest friends to get a chance to see a private show with Skrillex, it was totally worth it.

Skrillex, for those unawares, is one of the biggest names in Dubstep these days. A kid born out of the hardcore scene (From First to Last), he transitioned bigtime into the dance scene, of which Nashville has a great one. In the middle of a tour with Porter Robinson and Zedd, it was his day off but he played a show nonetheless. Zedd started the night off with some electro hip hop, and Skrillex–coming out for just over thirty minutes–went right through all of his best mixes and let Porter Robinson finish the night out.

The place was packed, and it was so hot inside that coming out to a 90 degree night was a welcome relief. Nashville’s full of surprises, and it’s always great to be a part of it!