Tour de Fat – a Bike Parade of Nashville

Okay, can we stop using the phrase “Tour de” to denote an event that involves a bike ride? Tour de Fun, Tour de Nash, and now Tour de Fat? When will the madness end? Can I really write a whole paragraph using only questions??

But back to business – Tour de Fat is a group bike ride/parade set up and sponsored by Fat Tire (ah yes, NOW I get the name of the event), the beer company that gives their employees those big, pretty, red bicycles. Things get started at Centennial Park at 9am, which is when you can start getting registered. It’s free to participate, but please consider donating $5 or so for Walk/Bike Nashville. The ride starts at 10am and will take you on a nice little loop around Vanderbilt. It should be a pretty easy ride, so even if you’re a novice (like me) you can feel confident about participating.

The fun doesn’t end when the ride is over. You can stick around and drink some beer (proceeds from sales go to Sound Forest) and enjoy some  music and theatrics by Squirm Burpee CircusDovekinsDaredevil Chicken Club and Mucca Pazza. Also, if you agree to give up your car (papers and all), you might win a sweet Fat Tire Bike! Seems like a pretty terrifying trade/gamble, but more power to you if you decide to partake. Just please do the world a favor and don’t get so swept up in the energy of the afternoon that you trade in your car despite having a 30 minute by car commute to work every morning.

Oh, and wear a helmet, because I love you all.



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