Scene Report: A Busy Saturday

The forecast on Saturday was looking less than ideal. Hell, the weather forecast last week looked bad as far in advance as you could see. Thankfully this Saturday weatherman was wrong, because Meryem and I were intent on checking out the Green Wagon’s block party.

We rolled on down to the party at about 2pm and the weather was simply beautiful. The block party itself was pretty small, but I had an excellent crepe and bought some dishwashing detergent and Meryem hit up a sweet yard sale and bought some wine glasses. I feel like I always make the mistake of getting to parties too early as I’m pretty positive that things didn’t pick up until a little later. I don’t even think that Mas Tacos had arrived yet when we were there, which was an incredible bummer. Still, it was a pretty fun party, and there was plenty of other excellent food to be had. 

After the block party Meryem and I decided to hit up an art gallery (that happens to be free) on Vanderbilt’s campus in the Cohen building. The exhibit features show posters like Hatch prints and god knows that we can’t have enough show posters. The Vanderbilt website said the gallery was open 1-5pm on Saturday but when we arrived we found the doors locked. Travesty! We figured that there must have been a mistake so Meryem swiped her fancy little ID card and we spent a good 15 minutes before we found the gallery and GASP it was locked too! However, we peered in through the cracks in the doors and it sure did look cool so who knows, maybe someday we’ll actually get to see it.

By then it was almost 4:30 so I dropped Meryem off and met Matt (lots of N4F blogger camaraderie today) at Grimey’s for the Gillian Welch listening party. Things got started at 5pm and there was free beer, a free poster if you pre-ordered the album, and, of course, sweet tunes. Also, Grimey’s had two Gillian Welch Hatch Print posters to give away, one signed. Sadly, neither Matt nor I won those posters, but it was great to get to hear an album we’ve waited years to hear.

I hope you all had an action-packed Saturday as well.



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