Scene Report: Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream Grand Opening

When I got my Ohio drivers license I was never told that as an Ohioan I would be expected so spread the Good Word concerning ice creams of the Buckeye state, but it seems like that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this week. If you don’t understand my passion concerning the Ohio delicacy recently brought to Nashville by the name of Jeni’s then you weren’t there to get free scoops Thursday night.

Fellow blogger Matt Kraatz and myself wondered over to East Nashville pretty much the moment we got off work, so we were there an hour early – 6pm. We didn’t really want to be those people who line up an hour early – especially since Jeni’s was hosting some sort of private party, so we headed over to Rose Pepper to enjoy their happy hour, get some food, and kill some time. Still, we were antsy to finish dinner and get some free ice cream with weird names.

We headed back across the street to Jeni’s at 7pm on the nose, and the line was already all the way from the front door to Ugly Mugs. I don’t know how long we waited. It seemed like a long time, but we were enjoying the band (apparently also comprised of at least one Ohioan) and the beautiful weather. We even ran into Meryem, our newest blogger while we were there!

By the time we got inside we realized what kept the line moving so much more slowly than Ben & Jerry’s on free scoop day. The Jeni’s employees were letting people taste as many flavors as they wanted, and Jeni’s has a lot of flavors. It’s undoubtedly for the best that Jeni’s did this as the flavors are far beyond your basic vanilla and chocolate (though they do have that) and really, it’s kind of hard to guess what Queen City Cayenne tastes like judging from the name.

One of the coolest parts of the night was when we actually got to meet Jeni herself! She was nice and conversational with us even though I imagine she was already exhausted from talking to hundreds of other people. I talked to one of the Jeni’s employees yesterday and she told me that they served over 2000 people and were sampling and scooping ice cream until 11:30 that night.

Holy crap that’s a lot of free ice cream.

In case you were now curious, Jeni’s is located at 1892 Eastland Ave in East Nashville. It’s a little expensive, but really, where else are you going to get ice cream with real ale in it?



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