Free Improv Comedy Workshop

A funny person doing something that will make someone laugh

Good improv astounds me. Yeah, sometimes I’m pretty sharp and sometimes I’m even funny, but when I go to a real improv show in NYC or Chicago or watch shows like Reno 911 I’m just amazed at the things some people can come up with off the tops of their heads. One of my former roommates was immensely funny and even though it frustrated me when he left his dirty socks on the couch, when he was ON it he could have you in tears from laughing so intensely.

Yeah. I can’t do that. I tell jokes that are so dry people just think I’m being serious and am simply an idiot. These people who can improv, where do I learn their secrets?!

Apparently the answer to that is at the Eastwood Christian Church this Saturday (June 25th) from 10am-12:30pm. Yes my friends, at that location, on that date Music City Improv will be hosting a free improv workshop. Finally! You get to learn how to be the funny person at the party! They’ll probably teach you a few standard rules (because those really do exist) and explain the difference between funny-haha and funny-weird. Maybe, I actually have no idea, but I can promise that they will put you one step closer to being like Tina Fey.

If you plan on attending this event please email with FREE WORKSHOP in the subject line, along with your name, email and phone number in the body of the email to sign up.  You will receive an email confirmation from them that they know you’re coming.



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