Centro-matic In-Store at Grimey’s

In my opinion, Centro-matic is one of those bands where it’s hard not to like them. Well, it’s hard not to like them if you like straight-up, no-frills rock from Texas. I try not to give Texas too much credit, but they sure do get the whole music thing right.

I’m actually really excited for this in-store because I have never seen Centro-matic live. I’ve seen Will Johnson, their frontman, but never as a band, and that saddens me. That man, he just does something for my soul, and I know for a fact that I cannot be the only person who feels that way.

But it seems that my sadness is soon to cease! Today Centro-matic is kicking off their tour by playing a free all-ages in-store at Grimey’s before their show in the Basement later. Huzzah! Things should kick off around 6pm, but I suggest getting there earlier to make sure you can actually, ya know, see things.

Even if you haven’t heard of Centro-matic you should check them out if you’re a fan of Glossary, the Drive-By Truckers, Uncle Tupelo, or any southern-rock-ish americana rock. Also, if you are from Texas. Have some pride.





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