RC Cola and Moonpie Festival

Married for so long. It makes you wonder how they keep the spark.

Moonpies and RC Cola are a uniquely southern tradition. Seriously, we consume neither of these things up north. Most of us have never heard of a Moonpie and to me RC Cola is what my grandfather sometimes bought and what my hockey team’s arena regretfully switched to from Pepsi in order to save a little money.

But down south it’s pretty much a stereotype that ya’ll can’t eat a Moonpie without and RC Cola, and there’s a little festival in Bell Buckle Tennessee that has truly exacerbated it in the most magnificent of fashions. Predictably, it’s called the RC Cola and Moonpie Festival and it celebrates the marriage of two distinctively southern treats.

If you think to yourself “well, that must be a small festival” then you’d be wrong. Well, you certainly wouldn’t be right. It’s not just a booth with Moonpies across from a booth with RC Cola, there’s so much more. Things start at 7am with a 10 mile run, then at 9pm the festival truly begins. According to the online schedule there will be cloggers at 9:30, a parade, the RC King & Moonpie Queen Coronation, an RC/Moonpie Recipe Contest, appropriately themed games, a Knights of the Moonpie Round Table & World’s Largest Moonpie Cutting Ceremony, live music, and more.

Yes, this is a legitimate festival. Legitimately weird, legitimately awesome, and it’s only a few miles away from the Bonnaroo farm (if you’re already feeling nostalgic for ‘Roo). Things get started in downtown Bell Buckle (exit 97 on I-24E) at 9am and go until about 4. I hope to see you all there!



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